20 The Pope Could Choose New Cardinals (*20*).




Pope Francis raised the possibility of him retiring as a result of his declining health. (File)

Vatican City

Pope Francis will create Saturday 20 New cardinals were chosen from all four corners of the globe, with most of them likely to be the successors of the pontiff.

Francis raised the possibility that he might retire due to his declining health. He follows in the footsteps of Benedict XVI. In the event that he does so, a conclave would be convened consisting of all cardinals below 80 to choose a successor.

Sixteen 20 Cardinals born Saturday would be eligible for the conclave based upon their ages.

The ceremony at St. Peter’s Basilica will mark the eighth anniversary of Pope Francis’ election in 2013. It includes clergy. known They are known for their pastoral work and sometimes, their progressive views.

There are cardinals representing all parts of the world, including those from Brazil, Nigeria, Singapore, East Timor and East Timor.

Francis will have selected 83 of the 132 cardinals who are currently eligible to elect a new pope after this weekend.

It is close to two-thirds of total and the exact percentage required to allow any proposed name for passing.

The pope has had to use a wheelchair for knee pain in recent months. He has stated that it is not possible to fix.

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He also has sciatica, which is a chronic nerve disorder that causes pain in his hip.

Future clues(*20*)

Vatican observers always examine the new cardinals for clues about the future direction and goals of the Church. 1.3 billion faithful.

Experts warn, however, that cardinals whose names are given by one pope may not choose their successors.

The Argentine Pontiff has completed this year a major shakeup of Vatican’s powerful governing body. This makes it a priority for new converts.

Francis, in keeping with his desire to make the Church more inclusive, transparent, responsive and responsive to the needs and marginalized, has selected two Africans as well as five Asians, two of which are cardinals. who India:

Bernard Lecomte, a Vatican expert told AFP that Pope Francis’ choices were (*1*)The city is home to 80 percent of all Catholics worldwide.

Virgilio Do Carmo Da Silva is the archbishop in Dili and will be the first cardinal in the tiny East Timor, a predominantly Catholic nation in Southeast Asia.

The pope also chose to ignore the archbishops in major cities and choose from those with less power, like Robert McElroy (68-year-old bishop) of San Diego, California.

McElroy has supported gay Catholics as well as criticized US politicians’ attempts to deny Communion — such President Joe Biden. who Support abortion.

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The pope will also create Giorgio Marengo (48-year-old Italian missionary), the youngest cardinal in all of history. who Mongolian workers

The new cardinals include Nigeria’s Peter Okpaleke the bishop of Ekwulobia and Leonardo Ulrich Steiner, the archbishop de Manaus, Brazil.

Lucas Van Looy (80 years old bishop emeritus) was nominated, but requested to be exempted due to criticisms of his handling child sexual abuse in Belgium by priests.

The traditional ceremony will follow Saturday’s Vatican ceremony. “courtesy visit,” The general public is invited and encouraged to meet the new cardinals.

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