5 Best High Schools in Plano, Texas

When you’re considering moving to Plano, Texas, you’ll want to consider what high schools are available for your child. You can get this information from the National Center for Education Statistics, which also provides statistics on jobs and schools in the area. If you are relocating to Plano, you can also check out the job listings for Plano, TX. These listings include information from the most recent school year, the 2015-2016-school year.

List of 5 Best High Schools in Plano, Texas

1. Hebron High School

Hebron High School is one of five public high schools in the Lewisville Independent District in Carrollton, Texas. It opened in 1999 and is the fourth high school in the district. Students from Carrollton and the surrounding area attend Hebron. The school is home to approximately 1,000 students. A variety of programs and activities are available for students at the school. Students can earn high school credit at Hebron or transfer to another high school in the Lewisville Independent District.

The school is ranked 297th in Texas and is a top-tier choice for students who want to pursue Advanced Placement(r) coursework. The school enrolls 67% minority students and 20% of its students are economically disadvantaged. Hebron High School is part of the Lewisville Independent School District and is ranked #3,535 in the Nation by the U.S. Department of Education. Its students score well on state-required tests and graduate college and are career-ready.

Students at Hebron High School have lower poverty than the state average. A 16.9% percentage of the student body receives free or reduced-price lunch. In addition, the school may not charge more than 40C/meal for reduced-priced lunches. The school also serves a healthy meal plan for students who have limited resources. In addition to free-lunch programs, Hebron also offers a National School Lunch Program.

2. Clark High School

When it comes to educational excellence, Clark High School in Plano, Texas, does not disappoint. This public high school has dedicated educators who love teaching and hold high standards for students. The school’s core courses, as well as electives and special needs programs, provide students with an excellent public education. In addition, the school is well-staffed, with office staff, coaches, and custodial personnel. It is also located in a great area that is close to many parks, recreational areas, and educational institutions.

Founded in 1978, Clark High School serves approximately 1,554 students in grades 9 through 10. The school follows the state and local public education policy for K-12 education. The school also has separate equestrian and karate programs. It also offers classes in discipline management and various extracurricular activities. A full academic curriculum includes science, math, reading, special education, and the arts. The school also has a foreign language department. Students can also participate in sports teams, including volleyball, basketball, tennis, and baseball.

3. Williams High School

T. H. Williams High School is a public high school in Plano, Texas that serves grades 9 and 10. It is one of six high schools in the Plano Independent School District (ISD). Seniors and juniors go to separate schools, referred to as “senior high schools.”

The school was first opened in 1961. At the time, it was known as Plano High School and it had an enrollment of 390 students. This was the first racially integrated school in Plano. The school grew steadily until the 1965-66 school year when enrollment dropped to 555. In 1976, the school was converted to a grade 10-12 facility, and a new senior high school was built. By 1973-74, enrollment had increased to 1712 students.

The renovation project would cost $14 million. The remaining funds from the Plano ISD 2016 bond would be used for the project. However, some projects would cost less than $7 million, such as a new science lab. During the fall of 2017, the district trustees continued discussions with PBK, an architectural and engineering design firm. The firm presented its $14 million plan on Feb. 18. The district trustees have yet to vote on the project.

Renovations are underway on the interior of the school. A patchwork quilt-like layout of the school’s hallways will be redesigned. Hallways will be realigned, ceilings will be raised, and skylights will be added through a grand main hallway. This will completely change the interior layout of Williams High School. Unlike the exterior, the new interior layout is unrecognizable from the original design.

4. Plano Senior High School

Students in grades eleven and twelve can attend Plano Senior High School. It is part of the Plano Independent School District. Admission is based on home address. The school has been named a two-time Blue Ribbon School and a Texas Exemplary School. Admission is free for residents of the Plano ISD. To learn more about the school’s academic achievement, visit its website. High school education is more than a degree and certificate. Plano Senior High School can help you reach your goals.

The Plano Senior High School theater program is centered on students’ interests and talents. Students work together to develop skills and recognize their potential. The directors have direct contact with students from the feeder schools. They get to see their students grow and choose shows that stretch them. The Plano Senior High School theatre program is unique. Students will be able to take the same skills they develop in high school and transfer them to college. After graduation, they can take their knowledge and passion for theatre to college.

Students can also use Moovit to find the best routes to get to Plano Senior High School. The app has live directions to the school and will even show you a timetable and route for buses and trains. Moovit also provides information about the cost of various modes of transportation. With more than ninety million users, Moovit makes it easy to find a bus or train to Plano Senior High School and get to work.

Music is another area where Plano is well represented. The school has a varsity women’s choir that won the TMEA Honor Choir in 2009. The Plano A Cappella Mixed Choir, directed by Lisa Newby, has made an impact in the community. They have performed on the steps of the US Capitol, including the infamous “At The Capitol” during the bicentennial celebration of the United States. They have also played in Carnegie Hall, the Cotton Bowl, and numerous other events.

5. Good Shepherd Episcopal School

Located in the northern part of Texas, Good Shepherd Episcopal School is an independent private school. The school has 601 students and 54.6 full-time teachers. Its student-teacher ratio is 10.2. Students can learn about various languages and cultures at Good Shepherd. The academic program at the school is outstanding and includes several AP courses. The school is highly rated and has received numerous awards for its educational offerings.

The students at Good Shepherd Episcopal School in Plano are ready to matriculate to any top high school in the area. They have developed a greater sense of self and have envisioned exciting futures. Their education and social development at Good Shepherd Episcopal School have prepared them for their high school search and can find the right fit for them. They are prepared to take on the challenge of finding the best high school for themselves, and their future.

Students at Good Shepherd Episcopal School in Plano can choose from extracurricular activities that include cheerleading, robotics, drama, and other clubs. They can choose from a range of activities that promote cultural diversity and environmental responsibility. Additionally, they can participate in community service projects to help the local community. Another school in Plano, Texas, is the Plano Senior High School. Founded in 1957, this public school educates students from ninth to twelfth grade.