A man trying to claim a $600 lottery prize finds out that he has won Rs.8 crore Mukdar ka Sikandar! Cold drinks are purchased

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Photo credit- Virginia Lottery
Jose Flores Velasquez Ney Lottery won an exchange of nearly 8 crore rupees.


  • Velasquez clicked there to claim the $600 bounty.
  • Find out at the lottery office that they win the jackpot.
  • He wants to start his business with the money won in the prize.

Lottery News- Everyone in the world has their preferences, but some also like to see who is kind to them. Today we tell you about a similar hobby, who won $600 (Rs. 50 thousand approx) after winning the lottery, but when he came home he had a $1 (Rs. 8 crore approx) check in his pocket. The most important thing is that it was for the person to buy a cold drink, and he bought lottery tickets.

‘Don’t you think that such a big reward will be released’

This story is about Joseflores Velasquez, who lives in Virginia, USA. The 600 dollars they won in the lottery reached the company, but they reached the 1 lakh dollars they won. Velasquez said he did not feel well once he heard them. Tara Wedding Lot Ki Virginia 20X Money Scratch-Off Ticket Velasquez Neki Store He stopped there to buy some cold drinks ogyarh.

‘I want to go to the company’s office to collect $600’
Velasquez said they won $600, so he reached out to the Virginia Lottery office to claim his prize. Velasquez said that the staff at the office saw a look from the Queen after looking at the tickets and that they were given not $600, but $10 million.

‘I will build my new business from In Passion’
Look at the room, it has a settlement of around 8 crore rupees. By the way, after deducting taxes etc. Velasquez is talking about 7,59,878 dollars i.e. a little more than 6 crore rupees. When Velázquez was asked what he would do after that, he said that he would spend some of the money on his family and some of the money he would start on his own.


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