Actor Kang Tae Oh relieves his mother of work pressure after hitting the daebak with ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ – Aumag The Talks Today

article: ‘Child Son’ Kang Tae Oh made his mother quit her job as soon as he met ‘Woo Young Woo’ Daebak


source: Insights via Instagram

1. [+113] His heart is as beautiful as his looks, I hope he serves well in the army 🙌🙌

2. [+112] I sincerely hope that he never gets into any scandals.

3. [+73] I can’t believe we didn’t know such a kind hearted person… I’m sure he was disappointed in us.

4. [+47] Lee Jun Ho-ssi~~~ serves well in the army~

5. [+18] What a childish son 👏👏👏👏👏

6. [+12] Finish your ministry happy and healthy

7. [+6] Shoot all CFs you want!!! I am so proud of this kind hearted son

8th. [+10] What an amazing son 👏👏👏👏

9. [+21] Fight ~ keep going as you are ~ don’t make a mistake you will regret in the future ^^

10 [+29] I was a non-celebrity who was on “Dream Team” with him in 2013 when he was a singer at the time. I remember he approached you first and started conversations. Also when I asked for a picture he not only posed very quickly but also put his arm around me very kindly. He was so respectful and kind!! I’ve always wanted to spread the word that he’s a kind person, so I’m really happy that he’s making it as a successful actor now!! 👏👏👏👏

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11. [+7] Take all the CFs you want!!!!!

12. [+2] Let us make sure your career lasts

13. [+4] His mother must be so proud of him~~~

14 [+5] His heart really is as beautiful as his face, which makes him even more likeable! Kang Tae Oh-ssi, I wish you continued success~~ 😍