AEW Fight Forever Gameplay Pays Tribute to the Best Wrestling Game Ever

brutality (and other AKI games) uses a fairly simple “Strike, Strong/Weak Grapple and Reversal” gameplay system that essentially asks players to engage in an elaborate game of rock, paper and scissors. The game has been praised for its accessibility, and that is certainly part of its appeal. Unlike many fighters at the time (and some other wrestling sports), almost anyone could pick brutality And feel quite comfortable with the basic gameplay after just a few minutes. honestly, brutality Some of these offer the best N64 local multiplayer action side of Goldeneye 007.

A truly made thing brutalityWhat made the gameplay so special, however, was its surprising depth. The phrase “easy to learn, hard to master” gets thrown around a lot, but that’s okay. brutality offers. Matches between experienced players were often intense affairs highlighted by perfectly timed turnarounds and often dramatic finishes. No matter how complicated things are, however, brutality Matches always feel as fun as when you first dive into the game and enjoy it at its simplest.

A lot of good wrestling games have been released since then brutality (WWE SmackDown! Here comes the pain And AKI-developed Def Jam GamesFor example), but brutality The gold standard in the eyes of many fans. So why aren’t there more games like it in the 20+ years since its release? Well, some of it comes down to changing industry trends and bad decisions, but the fact of the matter is brutality Not an easy game to copy. It’s easy to throw out the phrase “easy to learn, hard to master,” but designing a game that truly fits that description is incredibly difficult. brutality doing.

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On the surface, there is clearly a lot more brutality in AEW: Fighting Forever. Both games also have the same health/special bar, the same action, and the same visual design. A quick side-by-side comparison of the two tells a pretty clear story:

AEW Fight Forever compared to the WWF

Gameplay wise, the story is almost the same. As noted in the video above, those who are familiar brutality And games like that say they were able to go straight ahead fight forever And they seem to be picking up where they left off brutality. when fight forever‘s creative team (which includes AEW wrestlers and staff) have made it clear that they intend for the game to pay homage to that era, it’s one thing to promise and another to deliver. At least, however, fight forever Becoming a retro-style alternative to more modern wrestling sports. Taken on its own, it’s something fans have wanted for years.

However, many questions remain. Will fight foreverAre the simple (relatively speaking) graphics, animations and gameplay intimidating to a wider audience? Will the game’s roster, customization options, and career mode be significant enough for some to copy? brutalityThe best features? Most importantly, will the gameplay be easy enough to copy brutality‘s true calling card, or is this case of imitation nothing more than flattery?

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