Afrobeats Originated From Nigeria – Actress Mary Njoku Edugic

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Maria Njoku

Maria Njoku

Nollywood actress and ROKTV boss Mary Remmy Njoku has admitted that Afrobeat hails from Nigeria, not Africa at all.

The filmmaker stressed the need for Nigerians to ensure that Afrobeats is not stripped of its identity and heritage.

Mary, who recounted how someone claimed plantain chips were “invented” in America and how a foreigner who doesn’t converse with Yoruba was recognized as a result of what Nigerian youth called the “Sorosoke generation,” admitted that we The fact that Afrobeats come from Nigeria must now always be staged rather than turning into a “Jollof Reis” story.

See her post below…

“Well, so here I am saying, everyone invented plantain chips (kpekere) for America a few years ago.

They say Nigerian youths have been referred to as “Sorosoke” period by a foreigner, wey no dey converse yoruba

Afrobeat is NIGERIAN

Good morning.”



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