After Russia and America, China’s sandalwood rose to third place in the world – after Russia and America, China showed wonder at the moon.

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China on the moon


  • A sample weighing 1,731 grams went to ground
  • It is a phosphate mine
  • Invaluable findings are extracted

world news– वाईे हर प्रवर्ष पन्य गोपनीय तो चिना मुच्च है Connect from Bho Masala Space or Defense Your job has been quite productive. However, this time Chinese scientists are setting a new record. For the first time, Chinese scientists discovered a precious mineral on the moon. China is also included in their country. Chinese newspapers shared information on Friday about whether China is making a new exploit on the moon. Deng Baotong of the China Nuclear Communications Authority made his confirmation at a conference on Friday.


The crystal is isolated

He said the new network is called Changesite-Content. Change site-Y has been found in crystals embedded in basalt rocks formed by volcanic eruptions on the Moon. It is a phosphate mine. According to the Global Times Press Office, scientists at the Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology used high-tech technology to separate 10 micron crystalline cones from 140,000 lunar cones.

US and Russia followed by China

Chandra is the third country in China to have a mineral balance, the China International Mineral Association (IMA) has confirmed the discovery of this new mineral by the China International Mineral Association (IMA) Network, Nomenclature and Classification (CNMNC) and accepted its nomenclature. It is the sixth mineral deposited on the Moon by humans. After the United States and the Soviet Union, China also appears in this list.

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Ideal sample within 40 years

A sample weighing about 1,731 grams reached Earth from the Moon. You say that 40 years in Chandrama had an example of this. The investigation involved various departments of science, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Natural Resources. It signifies the origin and development of Prakhya Chandrama and is the important mani jati for Patra.

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