After US Air Force ‘Secret’ Area 51, Mysterious Plane Shows Aliens Landed From Semyon!-Area 51 Mysterious Plane Shows Aliens Landing at Secret US Air Force Base

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Area 51 photo


  • Fresh photos of Area 51 are ahead
  • The secret base of the US Air Force
  • Area 51 has always been mysterious

Area 51- Area-51, what the US Air Force is forgetting, has always been shrouded in mystery. Recently the mystery deepened even more, when an airplane took off here. Area-51 is a mysterious US Air Force location, about which nothing is known. But hear about what happened here in the past, a race of heart-throbs. Satellite images show a US fighter jet parked outside the site, with a large object in front. The US Air Force Base is completely destroyed and has always housed these troops.

People are seeing mysterious planes

Area 51 consists of deserts in the US state of Nevada. This space explores mysteries from the US government and alien technology for the Kezani nation. Here are the latest pictures trending fast on social media. In the pictures given, there are a lot of exceptions. What is the end here? The images clearly show an aircraft standing in the area of ​​Area 51 Not common for airplanes to show up. People look at pictures of airplanes so it seems.

Twitter user Ruben Hoffs shared a picture here and speculated that Harani Jatai ki Runave could be seen as a blur or a sign of nature. Just the same oak they also fear that it may be something colored in kale. Hoffs said it didn’t show any. This mysterious 2014 Sunsanger has a close eye and is quite large. The picture was clicked on August 1, but is still going viral. According to US Army news magazine Razon, ‘The color alone and the outer line visible, understand that it is an aircraft and cannot be seen.’ But it is difficult to tell about him.

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What is Area 51?

Area 51 is a US Air Force test and training site. The base was renamed Co Edward Air Force Base. As you say homie airport and groom lake too. No information explaining what was here has been released to date. This space is used to develop and test aircraft and weaponry in general.

US Air Force Ka Secret Airbase

The site was occupied by the US Air Force and the CIA in 1955. The Lockheed U-2 aircraft was tested at the same location. This place has always been considered mysterious since its close location. Many times people say that there is a focus on UFOs (unidentified objects in flight). It is believed to be a secret and will be here for everyone to find out. On June 25, 2013, the establishment of the base was first adopted under the authority of the CIA Nation. He had requested information about this base from the CIA in the year 2005.

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