Age Calculator By DOB | Calculate Age by Year, Month, Date | Find Age With Date Of Birth

An online Age Calculator by dob allows users to calculate age by year, month, and date. Many people try to search age calculator on google and when they don’t find the exact website which allows them to find “How Many Days Until My Birthday Are Left”, This can disappoint someone who is eagerly looking for how old I am today, But don’t worry from now own you can find your exact date with help of this Age Calculator By DOB.

How to Calculate Age With Date Of Birth?

Most of us don’t know how can someone can calculate their Date Of Birth but with help of this simple Age Calculator with DOB, we can calculate the exact age with help of the date of birth. This calculator can also tell the exact Time, Minutes, and Seconds of how old you are.

Steps to use Age Calculator by DOB

  1. First Visit the official site of Age Calculator by DOB (
  2. After this enter your date of birth in the text field using dd/mm/yyyy format.
  3. Now after this click Check How Old I am Today.
  4. Hurrah, Now you know how old you are if you were born on this date.

What is Chronological Age and How to calculate it?

This calculator is a chronological age calculator which calculates the exact age of a person from their date of birth. In simple words, this is the age that defines how much time is passed after the birth of that particular person.

Chronological age Calculation Formula

Basically, this is a very simple formula in which we have to subtract a year from a year, a month from the month, and a date from the date. Using this formula we can easily calculate chronological age of anything whether it is a person, object, or animal.

Chronological age = Current date – Date of birth

Example- Let’s suppose we have to calculate the age of a person(Ram) whose date of birth is 03/09/1998. So using this formula we will calculate Chronological age of Ram

Current date 2022(Year) 06 (months) 02 (days)
Ram’s date of birth 1998 09 03
chronological age of Ram 23 08 30

Age Calculator Google – FAQ

Q1. What is an Age Calculator?

Age Calculator is a tool that allows users to know how old they are.

Q2. Can I check my age in mins using an Age Calculator?

Yes and No, Actually it depends on the calculator which you are using. If Calculator allows you to check your age in mins you can check it whenever you want.

Q3. What do I need to check my age using Age Calculator?

To check your age using the age calculator you have to submit your exact date of birth in dd-mm-yyyy formate and then you can hit the Check How Old I am Today button, It will calculate your age according to your date of birth.

Q4. What is Age Difference?

The age difference is the difference between two different dates of birth. For example, if your sister’s date of birth is 3 September 1995 and your date of birth is 3 September 1998, which means you are 3 years younger than your sister and your age difference will be 3 years.

Age Difference Formula

Age Difference = Date of birth of older person – Date of birth of the younger person