Always waiting for the ‘law window’ to make a racket in space? Finally, why it’s important – find out the reasons why we have to wait for the launch window to send rockets into space

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Rocket window


  • Artemis I Moon;
  • Keep waiting for the new launch window
  • The decision to take the line was due to a flight leak

Rocket Launch- Earlier this week, the Artemis I Moon launch was delayed, and now we have to wait for a new launch window. Just 40 minutes before the system rocket’s flight load from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center on September 3, engineers activated Talnaraz because of a fuel line leak. What is the launch window for it, and why can’t the rocket send it to space at any time? And what does it mean by ‘tallane’?

Waiting for correct alignment

A launch window is like waiting for the stars to align or to come to a certain place. The rocket will ‘Fenka’ from the planet’s sky. It should be absolutely perfect so that the rocket can move forward exactly on the path you set and everything it can take, must go to the right place at the right time. In the article you have your own idea of ​​the capsule’s orbit around the moon and what ‘ahead’ time means for the moon to be as close to Earth as possible during its 28 day cycle (referred to as ‘regi’). So now we have to wait about four weeks for the moon to bring us back.

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The flight path of any rocket that drives the moon into space is important, and both obey gravity, and because we want the Orion capsule to return safely to Earth, that’s important. Orion Co should not be ticking from the Moon, it must pass through it, so the rocket launcher, Earth, Moon and Loopsul should be safe in time for Capser Cancer.

Launched by James Web

The James Webb Space Telescope is launched. In this case, N controls to ensure that it does not stick to the moon at the Lagrange pont 2 keps from the gravitational field between the earth and the sun. The telescope was changed twice due to poor weather decisions, and it finally launched on Chris Day in 2021 on the French Guiana Cereal 5 rocket.

It would be true that Artemis would be IN, but it would be rescheduled for a different time. This is good news for all of them, who saw me for the first time 50 years ago and are waiting again from Besbury. Artemis Aich is only launched for Windows.

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