Amelia Dimoldenberg, a British rapper’s girlfriend, has a history of relationships and dating. Aitch’s Biography, Age, Nationality, Girlfriend, Instagram, Songs, Net worth

Amelia Dimmoldenberg, the girlfriend of a British rapper, has a history of relationships and dating. Aitch Biography, Age, Nationality, Girlfriend, Instagram, Songs, Net worth

Aich is a British rapper who hails from Manchester. His debut single “Straight Rhymez” has garnered over 24 million views as of this writing. After hearing this song, London-based Stormzy first noticed him. His song “Rain” has been listened to by more than 51 million people on Spotify, and it has been streamed more than 140 million times on YouTube.

Because of the way the letter “h”, the first letter of his name, was pronounced, he earned the nickname “Aitch”.

The rapper responsible for the song “Buss Down” has spread rumors of their relationship by posting TikToks featuring the two of them together. The Manchester native is committed to the relationship he has had with his current partner, Amelia Dimoldenberg. Wednesday’s edition of the capital’s breakfast show was where the British couple’s big reveal took place.

Aitch is a British rapper, singer and songwriter who came to prominence after the publication of his single Straight Rhymez, which attracted the interest of another British rapper named Stormzy. His subsequent track, “Rain”, has garnered more than 40 million views on video sharing site Youtube and more than 100 million views on streaming service Spotify.

Aitch amassed a great deal of fame as a result of the fact that he created three singles, one of which, “Taste (Make It Shake),” climbed to number two on the UK Singles Chart and reached its highest point within the top 40. In addition, he went on tour with rappers such as Cadet and Wiley, and also appeared in a revamped version of one of the top 20 songs, “Latest Trends”, which was performed by the teen rap duet A1 x J1.

British rapper H

British rapper H

Rapper Aitch Girlfriend Amelia Dimoldenberg A chronology of past relationships and dates

After his split from English journalist and TV presenter Amelia Dimmoldenberg, it appears that famous British rapper Aich is now available for new relationships.

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The couple came to the conclusion that it is better to leave their hasty romance and continue their relationship only as friends.

After allegations spread on social media that they were secretly dating, rapper Aitch and Chicken Shop Date businesswoman Amelia Dimoldenberg are found deeply in love with each other. At the beginning of March, after weeks of speculation, they finally came out and admitted they had been seeing each other.

Rapper ‘Buss Down’ has started posting sneaky tops of secret date nights with Amelia on TikTok, fueling speculation about the two people’s alleged romantic relationship.

The two were first seen together in 2019, when Amelia’s YouTube channel showed a video called Chicken Shop Date, in which Aitch played Amelia’s date. In March of 2022, weeks after rumors circulated about their relationship on the Internet, Aich and Amelia confirmed that they were dating. This was the period when rumors and hypotheses first began to circulate.

They decided to announce their relationship on the third date by posting a beautiful selfie on TikTok to announce it.

In a video Amelia provided to TikTok, she made a statement, “I have something to tell you,” and Aich responded with the same statement. “I have something to tell you.” Then the two of them said at the same time, “We should just be friends.”

Then the reporter continues, “Yes, I think we’d better be friends.” The conversation continues with Aich saying, “I can’t watch you go on dates with other rappers every two weeks.” Although I realize it’s not real, I still find it hard to believe.

Amelia replies, “I mean, I can’t stop doing that, I love dating.” “I mean, I can’t stop doing that, I love dating.” In addition, you will tour.

The fact that the two are “just friends” doesn’t change the fact that they look to be best friends because they bought identical “best friends” bracelets for each other.

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After watching the video, fans of the couple reacted almost immediately, many of whom thought the whole thing was a publicity stunt, but it turned out to be true.

“At this point, you should have analyzed.” He then tweeted a shot of the two of them bowling alongside the video and accompanied the video by asking, “What are you doing here?” The next thing Amelia did was post a video of her performing his new song, Baby, with the caption “We’re cute.”

Just a few days after announcing their relationship, the rapper posted some cute pictures of him and his new girlfriend along with a better statement that added his last name to their relationship and referred to her as “Amelia Armstrong.” He also included the photos on his Instagram account.

The musician famous for the song “Baby” posted on his Instagram account a series of photos with Amelia that turned out to be clips from his latest music video.

In one photo, the Manchester rapper is seen putting his arm around the 28-year-old presenter, and in another, he is seen presenting her incredibly flashy jewelry. These two shots were taken by the same photographer.

There were no statements or public statements indicating that the journalist had had an affair in the past. Having said all of this, the TV personality has never been engaged or married in the past.

British rapper girlfriend H

British rapper girlfriend H

British rapper Hitch’s ex-partner and love life

British rapper Hitch has always been the subject of speculation and speculation regarding his romantic relationships with a variety of people, which seems absurd given his level of fame.

However, despite all these accusations, he has some real relationships, one of which is with Amelia Dimoldenberg, a journalist and reporter from the United Kingdom.

Taylor Mullings was the woman he dated in a previous relationship. According to The Sun, he started dating Taylor Mullings in 2019, after the two were previously in a committed relationship. A year later, the couple finally parted amicably. At the 2020 Brit Awards, she made her first public appearance, which she did alongside the rapper.

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Taylor is a well-known model and influencer. As per the information on her Instagram bio, she is a model who works with Nemesis models.

ich’s biography

Harrison Armstrong is a Young British Rapper who was born on the 9th of December 1999 in New Moston, Manchester, England and has the birth mark Saggitarios. In his high school, he chose to focus on his career.

Aitch gets his stage name from the letter h pronunciation of his name Harrison and is a fan of English Premier League team Manchester United. He has a Youtube channel where he uploads videos of his latest singles and has more than 700K subscribers and more than 200M views.

who is a friend

Taylor Mullings and Aich have been in a relationship since 2019 and kept their relationship a secret until February 2020 when they were spotted together at the BRITS Awards. Taylor is a model and works as a model for Nemesis Model which is a Manchester based modeling agency located at Nemesis House, 1 Oxford St, Manchester M2 3WQ, United Kingdom.

Taylor Mullings is very active on Instagram and her handle name is tmullings_. Her account has more than 70,000 followers and mostly contains pictures of different outfits.


Active on social media, Aitch has amassed 1.8 million followers and posts snippets of his new singles and photos of himself on set while on vacation.

British rapper H

British rapper H

Which net worth

Regarding his net worth, Aitch has an estimated net worth of $1 million and most of his earnings come from sales of his songs, shows, concerts, and through his YouTube channel.

Aich songs:

Harrison began singing in 2016 performing under the name Capitol Musical Records. He has six studio albums to his name and his album titles based on their release date are Aitch¡Aitch Y Double Hockey Sticks!, Ampersand, The Lie You Leave, On Your Marks, AitcH2O, and Polaris. Among his best singles are:

  • straight rhymes
  • Daily Dobby Freestyle
  • rain
  • the taste
  • lyric
  • homeward bound

Rapper Atish Profile Summary:

Noun Harrison Strong
age 22 years
date of Birth December 9, 1999
Girlfriend Taylor Mullings
nationality British
profession musician or instrumentalist
net value Million dollars