America accuses Russia of developing energy weapons, Putin threatens

White House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre- India TV Hindi News
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White House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre

America News- The White House has established that Russian President Vladimir Putin is developing weapons of mass destruction. If Putin Ne Budhwar’s Terrorist Theo tries to export Russian price controls to America, cut off energy supplies to the West entirely. With him also continue the forces of Musco in Acreine how to work, when he can not achieve your goals. White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre told a conference call with the leader Budhwar, “It is known that Putin once again creates weapons of power from your words and your actions.” However, the President (Joe Biden) and our aides in Europe preceded this move. We have been preparing for this situation since months. We are discussing various options for pricing.


America continues to try to inflict economic damage on Russia

He said that America and the European Union have formed a working group to promote alternative sources of natural gas in Europe. The US earlier said it had announced the G-7 group of nations was determined to impose a price cap on Russian oil. Is US ‘effective method’ of capping Russian oil prices?Strikes key source of funds for Russia’s ‘Garcani War’ in Ukraine. The move is also expected to help the U.S. rebound from accelerating global inflation.

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Members of the G7 group will take this decision

Leaders of the G7 group on Friday vowed to move quickly to impose a price cap on Russian oil. The people who sell your product oil in Russia use the money to continue to wage war. The G7 wants to set a border on Russian oil to weaken this financial source. The United States and all Western countries in Europe have taken tough measures against Russia and have imposed many economic sanctions on Russia. But Russia, free from sanctions, continues its campaign against Russia.


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