American News MP Pramila Jaipal received threatening messages on the phone from Indian citizens telling them to go back to their country of India.

MP Pramila Jaipal - India TV Hindi News
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MP Pramila Jaipal


  • Pramila Jaipal is the first Indian representative to represent Seattle in the US
  • Earlier in the case of Indian hatred against the US-American community
  • In the audio, a male Jaipal has serious consequences and is afraid of Bhugatan

US News- Intimidation of Indian origin citizens in America continues. It should be given to the big leaders of our citizens now. -US Rep. Pramila Jaipal An Indian man is texting your successor and Naftar on the phone and warning them of India.

Chennai born Jaipal ne Brihaspatiwar ko panch adda ko shared on social media. This message has edited their accounts, seen and said rude things In the audio, a man can be heard asking Jaipal to forget the dire consequences and return to India, their country of origin. Say Jaipal (55) is the first Indian US representative to represent Seattle in the US House of Representatives.

MP Pramila Jaipal

Image source- TWITTER

MP Pramila Jaipal

Pramila Jaipal tweeted, “Whoever I choose to do it here (to share the news), we cannot accept our new word for violence. Nor can we accept the nihilism and sexism that this Hinduism underlies and encourages. Police identified the man as Brockett Forsell (49), the giftee.

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Such incidents of Indian hate crimes against the American community have come to the fore many times before in America. A man in California made an Indian-American racist comment in September. A Mexican-American woman in Texas was the subject of an August 26 mistreatment of Indian-American women and comments made against them.


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