Anupam Kher shares his opinion on Bollywood vs South films debate- ‘They are telling stories, we are telling the stars’

Anupam Kheri, whose film Kashmir became the highest grossing Indian film this year, shares his thoughts on why Bollywood films have failed to perform at the box office when South Indian films have become blockbusters at the same time. The actor said that this is because southern films prioritize content while Bollywood films focus on stars. Read also Anupam Kher says ‘Meri ad nikal padi’ as Karthikeya II becomes a box office hit


Kartikeya’s latest movie Anupam 2, which is gone Laal Singh Chaddha And Dobara Back at the Hindi Box Office, is a Telugu film starring Nikhil Siddhartha in the lead role. Anupam praised his approach to Indian cinema in a new interview about the film.

In an interaction with ETimes, Nikhil talks about the need to keep an eye on the pulse of the audience relevant to the film. To this Anupam further said, “You are doing things to consume. (Question begins) The days you begin by humiliating consumers, saying, ‘We are doing you a favor by making a great film.’ Now they look great. Greatness comes from collective effort and that’s what I’ve learned by doing films in Telugu… I’ve just done another film in Telugu, I’ve done a film in Tamil, I’m going to do a Malayalam film. “

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The actor said, “I think there, I don’t distinguish between the two, but I think the film is relevant because Hollywood is not to be copied. They tell stories, here we are the stars. It is for sale. “

Kartikeya 2 is a mystery…