Anushka Ranjan’s Mother Approves This Minimal Toppings Pizza

Who is the pizza yet? You rarely meet people who hate this delicious food. And, Anushka Ranjan is definitely not one of them. Known to be a fiery foodie, Anushka’s cooking prowess and love of all things delicious is no secret. Pt gave us his binge session. And it was all about the pizza. Loaded with cheese, the thick crust pizza had limited toppings, basil leaves and jalapeno to be specific. To top it off, some oregano is sprinkled all over the dish. An Italian delight, all yummy. How do we know? Well, he has a mother, producer Anu Ranjan approving. Sharing a breakdown of her home-cooked pizza on her Instagram Stories, Anu Ranjan added a gif of the “approved” brand.

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Calamistra or thick crust coupled with a bunch of ingredients and gooey cheese on top, Pizzas are one of the most popular Italian foods around the world. And we don’t blame you if Anushka Ranjan’s indulgence left you wanting to scratch. We’ve rounded up some yummy recipes for you, take a look-


1.Multigrain pizza

Give a healthy boost to your favorite pizza with your multi-grain base. Made from whole wheat flour, oats, corn flour, and nutritive dense seeds, this cake indulges this guilt.

2.Chicken Pizza

Flatbread topped with cheese, chillies, onions, garlic sauce and chunks of chicken, heaven on a plate. When the meaty chicken chunks are mixed into a gooey, cheese all you’ve got is a delicious dish. And this could not be better.

3.Kebab and Paneer

With Italian cooking leading to Indian flavors, you get this mouth-watering pizza cake.

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4.Leo Pizza

Although there are different versions of pizza, nothing gets more special than vegetarian delight. It is loved by children and adults alike. Garden fresh veggies never tasted better.

5.Mexican Pizza

Have you ever combined Italian art with Mexican flavors? This fusion will certainly give the taste of tantalise gems. Tossed this with kidney beans in a boiling fiery sauce, we are already wilted.

Which pizza recipe is your favorite?