Anushka Sharma laughs at her thin brows as she shares throwback pic from the age of 16

Anushka Sharma He gave his fans a glimpse into his teenage years as he shared a throwback photo on his Instagram account. The actress, who followed trendy fashion at the time, even sported razor-sharp eyebrows in a picture taken as a teenager. Read also Anushka Sharma reveals ‘what’s better than a nice walk in the park’ as she shares new pics


The picture was shared for the first time instagram Stories about Anushka Kanika Karwinkop’s friends. In the picture, which was taken by Kanika in Goa in 2004, Anushka wore a tank top and denim jeans, with a polished stone in the shape of a flower in her mini pocket. She was carrying a red bag with a long shoulder strap. Anushka, who must have been 16 at the time, also sports the long, thin eyebrows that were in vogue at the time.

Kanika laughed at her and Anushka raised her eyebrows and took a picture, “Lol @anushkasharma look what I got. Eyebrows toh hahaha. Goa, 2004?” Anushka also shared her friend’s caption about her eyebrows and posted it on her Instagram account with the caption “Hahaha” adding a tongue out emoji.

Anushka Sharma and her friends recently shared a throwback picture on Instagram.

In 2007, almost three years after the picture was taken, Anushka moved to Mumbai and started her first role as designer Wendell Rodricks. In 2008, she made her Bollywood debut Shahrukh Khan In…

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