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After various cancellations from the TV board, the Arrowverse could soon be coming to an end. Ads such as Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrowand Naomi was summarily canceled by The CW, suggesting the shared universe won’t see the light of day much longer. This is at the top of the news The Lightning has been confirmed to end with Season 9, leaving the fate of the Arrowverse in limbo.

Still, there are two other shows that can still fly the Arrowverse banner that they are superman and lois and star girl. Although these two series aren’t set on the same Earth as the other Arrowverse shows, they are confirmed to be set in the larger multiverse of the franchise.

Between these two series star girl recently contained a reference to the main Arrowverse Earth when The LightningJohn Wesley Shipp reprized his role as Jay Garrick in the show’s second season. While it’s unknown if there will be more crossover opportunities anytime soon, a new interview offers a promising update for fans.

The Stargirl actress teases possible arrow keys

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In an interview with The Flash Podcast’s Andy Behbakht, Brec Bassinger, who portrays Courtney Whitmore in the star girltouched on the possibility of another Arrowverse crossover.

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Bassinger revealed that it exists “Conversation in progress” about one “little crossover cameo” but at the moment there is nothing concrete. However, the DC actress shared that she was optimistic it would pull through:

“So I just know I’m talking to Geoff [Johns], our showrunner…nothing specific to The Flash. but [there are] other things there [are] still talking [about] a small crossover cameo situation. And we’re actually working on schedules, so I’m hoping it works because last time it clearly wasn’t. But I’d say stay optimistic, they’re still pushing it.”

Will Stargirl finally meet the main heroes of the Arrowverse?

Bassinger’s latest update is good news for those Arrowverse fans who are still waiting for a proper crossover star girl. The DC series has received rave reviews from fans, and it would be fitting if another Arrowverse hero acknowledged the show’s existence.

Although Bassinger shared that there is one “Nothing special the Lightning” When it comes to potential crossover talks, the Grant Gustin-led series is the perfect show for it star girl to offer a crossover due to its connections to the multiverse. The LightningLast season also starred Jay Garrick from John Wesley Shipp, so there’s already a big connection between the two shows by the time the creatives decide to greenlight a crossover.

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On the other hand, a cameo from Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman might make sense too, and his looks might prove that superman and lois and star girl are on the same floor.

Even though The Lightning Showrunner Eric Wallace previously shared that a crossover with other shows like that has been canceled Legends of Tomorrow It’s not easy to pull off a groundbreaking guest appearance star girl would be hard to miss due to its unparalleled nature.

star girl‘s real Arrowverse crossover would also address the unsolved revelation that the show takes place after the events of Earth 2 Crisis on Infinite Earths.

star girl Season 3 premieres Wednesday, August 31 on The CW.