Better Call Saul: The Most Memorable Symbols

Colorful ties

There is a distinct difference between Jimmy McGill’s wardrobe and Saul Goodman’s closet collection. Although all of Jimmy/Saul’s fashion choices toe the line between chic and outlandish, his relationship is a special symbol of how much he cares about fame.

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Once Jimmy goes full Saul, his costumes really start to catch your eye. On the other hand, his relationships have always been fantastic. They display a rainbow of features, and we know Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould use them. Certain colors According to specific feelings and meanings Breaking Bad Wiki.

The wiki lists very concrete definitions linking each color to quality. Green means greed. Blue means loyal. Yellow means caution. Orange means action. And red means . . *I am. The Danger*.

When Jimmy reveals Chuck’s electromagnetic sensitivity to the world in “Chickenery”, he wears a burgundy tie. This shade of red represents her danger to Chuck. When Jimmy tries to sell his identity as Saul Goodman at the courthouse in “Magic Man”, he wears a spotted orange tie. He is willing to take action against the injustice of ABQ’s legal system for his clients.

Plaque of Werner Ziegler

When recurring characters are killed off on television, we often don’t see the consequences for those who love them. That’s why the appearance of Werner Ziegler’s widow in the fifth episode of season six, “Black and Blue,” was such a poignant shock. This cold open What precedes her cameo is one of the show’s masterful little performances that materialize.

We don’t learn until the end of the episode that the plaque was a memorial to Werner from his construction crew. It represents the human element of the minor characters, and they disappear from our consciousness when they are gone, living on in eternity for their spouses, friends and co-workers.


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