Biden approves $450 million to continue Pakistan’s F-16 fighter jet program

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F-16 fighter jet

America-Pakistan- US President Joe Biden has replaced President Donald Trump as a fasle. Under the new phase, he announced $450 million to Pakistan for F-16 fighter jets. According to the media, this money report helps Pakistan and later reins in terrorism. Does America believe the F-16 is anti-terrorist? It has been said that this is the most security assistance we have been providing to Islamabad in the last four years.

Trump must pay Pakistan two Arab dollars

In 2018, Donald Trump banned two billion dollars in aid to Pakistan. They said that active Pakistan is failing on terrorist organizations Taliban and Adhikari networks. Now that’s what Biden has changed. Give this information to Congress outside the United States. It has been said that Islamabad is a big help to Pakistan in the present and in the future as well.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the ‘Additional Instructions Proposed by Congress’ contained guidance on foreign military sales. Pakistan Air Force F.16s may continue the program. It is an important counter-terrorism aid.’

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Misusing international aid is Pakistan’s old habit

Amidst the recent floods in Pakistan, there has been an international level of financial assistance. But Pakistan does not shy away from misusing money in the name of floods. If it can fight terrorism then it helps the nation on behalf of America, then is it possible or not? He got stuck in the F16 plane, money is terror, it means.

There will be an increase in the power of the army, there will be obstacles to write in India

In this regard, G Parthasarathy, an expert on India’s defense of India in Pakistan, said that the US giving Pakistan a lot of military aid shows India’s concern. Pakistan can strengthen its forces. He said, the United States is trying to make Pakistan an equal power to India with this move of yours. Parthasarathy ka manna ki fasle in America he has to go clear signal and in India you have to write you. You can fully activate my political level.


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