Biden Nepal Trump’s decision, approves $450 million in aid to Pakistan, used in F-16 aircraft – US Biden relapses Trump’s decision to approve $450 million in aid to Pakistan for F-16s.

US Aid to Pakistan for F-16 Jets - India TV Hindi News
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US helps Pakistan for F-16 jets


  • Pakistan’s financial aid to the United States
  • Trump’s judgment is what Biden did
  • 45 crore financial assistance

Pakistan F-16- US President Joe Biden has approved $450 million in financial aid to Pakistan to bolster its F-16 fighter jet fleet, replacing President Donald Trump. It provides financial support to Pakistan so it can eliminate current and future anti-terrorist killers. It is the largest security assistance given to Islamabad in the last four years. In 2018, terrorist organizations, the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani movement, began targeting Nakam’s two Arab financial support networks close to him.


In a ruling meeting of the US Parliament’s Air Force, he said, it has been decided to support possible Foreign Forces (FMTs) for Pakistan’s F-16 combat. Amin Dilil said that Islamabad is helping Pakistan to maintain its capabilities in the present and future threats of terrorism. A foreign military source said, ‘The US government has directed the Congressional Foreign Military Cell to develop the Pakistan Air Force’s F-16 program. Pakistan is providing an important counter-terrorism aid.’

The F-16 has the ego part of the bilateral relationship

He said, ‘Pakistan’s F-16 program is an important part of the broader US-Pakistan bilateral relationship. Pakistan will be able to equip your F-16 beds with current and future built anti-terrorist fighters. Pakistan from F-16 Bede to help counter terrorism and we expect all terrorists from Pakistan to fight against me.’

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The US backs off the softie The drone used by the US to kill al-Qaeda chief al-Zawahiri in Afghanistan was also passing through Pakistan’s airspace. Ever since Imran Khan’s government in Nepal has not declared US airspace for US military operations. They later explained the video as a suggestion to overthrow their government in the United States. I was squeezed between America and Pakistan. But Shahbaz Sharif’s government is trying hard to establish ties with the US, so that two of the countrymen can get help from America.

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