Bucknuts Happy Hour: Gearing up for Ohio State’s 2022 season


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Ohio State fans! We have good news for you if you love Bucknuts Morning Five and want to hear more podcasts by the Bucknuts team. Especially if the BM5 has ever made you think, “Man, I wish these guys talked longer.”

This is the Bucknuts Happy Hour podcast debut. This podcast, as the name implies, will provide a weekly, longer and more detailed look at the most recent and upcoming news from the Buckeye world. We will be recording on Thursday afternoons or Friday afternoons depending on our schedules. You can grab a cold beverage (could include water, lemonade or Gatorade if you prefer that to your regular happy hour drinks) while we talk Buckeye news. As you enter the weekend, you can participate in the conversation if you can join us live.

Patrick Murphy reports on a busy offseason in Bucknuts Happy Hour. He also catches up on any missed information. He also discusses some offensive players that aren’t being talked about enough, and what the expectations are for Ohio State’s 2022 defense.

You can give it a try and leave feedback. This is a brand-new podcast that we are trying to improve. Cheers!

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