Charlie Stayt, a BBC presenter, and his wife Anne Breckell are a happy couple with two children

One of the many successful presenters of BBC Breakfast over the years has been Charlie State, who has been with the show since its inception.

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He is currently a permanent fixture on the weekend edition of Breakfast. On the other hand, Mr. Most recognized for his work as an anchor on State Five News.

He worked as a journalist for a significant part of his career and covered fascinating news around 9/11. He has hosted various current affairs programs such as the live reality TV shows “Are You Telepathic” and “Jailbreak”.

Additionally, Stait has worked in the media industry in various capacities as an anchor, reporter and news anchor.

Charlie State
Charlie State

For the past twenty years, Charlie State has been happily married to his wife, Anne Breckel

Stat is a great business man, and apart from that, he is a devoted family man and husband.

As of 2022, he and his high school sweetheart Anne Breckel have been married for over 15 years. Anne Fiona Breckel is not only the devoted and loyal wife of the popular BBC presenter, but she is also a presenter.

1995 marked the beginning of the couple’s marriage and during these years, they remained as close as ever.

Since 1995, Charlie State and Anne Breckel have been happily married to each other.

While Charlie’s career in the media has flourished over the past two decades, his wife has made it a point to stay out of the limelight and avoid contact with the press.

Anne is very protective of her privacy and Charlie supports her decision to keep it that way despite being caught by a camera boy.

As a result, after his transition as a presenter for BBC Breakfast ended, the presenter devoted the rest of his time to his wife and their children.

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No doubt the state couple’s decision to spend quality time with each other makes them very happy.

Charlie State and Anne Breckel have 2 children – son Jake and daughter Phoebe

The stayers have been married for a long time and have been blessed with two children during that time. Their first child, a daughter they named Phoebe Senara, arrived in 1997, and their second child, whom they named Jake Hamilton, arrived in 2000.

As of 2022, both children are adults, though they have decided not to follow in their journalist father’s footsteps.

Phoebe is a fully-fledged adult with her own successful career, but Jake is still in the college years of his life.

Stat children are well known for their tight relationship with their parents and the strong bond they maintain as members of their family. Both Jake and Phoebe accepted their mother’s decision to live a life separate from the public eye and out of the limelight.

Similarly, Charlie is also a very understanding man when it comes to the decisions the trio makes about their careers.

The relationship between Charlie Stadt and Naga Manchetti was strictly professional.

A well-known presenter of BBC Breakfast, often co-hosted by BBC journalist Naga Manchetti. It is said that the two make a great team when they are on air together.

According to a story from Mirror UK, although they seem to be getting along well of late, this hasn’t always been the case in the past.

Reports surfaced at the time that the two were rumored to have fallen out while reading a list of unusual bags on air in November 2021. It was Charlie who conducted the readings and Naga was irritated that they were not being discussed.

The audience witnessed the awkward moment between the two and there was a lot of discussion about the incident on various social media platforms.

The BBC, on the other hand, made it their business to make sure Charlie and Naga didn’t have another “bad moment” after the show.

An official statement also said that there is “no credibility” in the rumours. After that, the stars of the BBC continued their journey and are currently working without any difficulty.

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Charlie State
Charlie State

Early life and education

Stadt was born on June 19, 1962 in Gloucester, a city in the west of England. He has two elder brothers and sisters. She was educated at Wycliffe College, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, an independent institution that welcomes students of both sexes and offers boarding options, before attending Birmingham Polytechnic.

Anne Breckwell was originally named Anne Frances Breckel when she was born in Britain, now part of the United Kingdom. However, the exact date of birth has not yet been released to the public by the media. Apart from this, there is no information about who his son or his parents are.

As well as holding British citizenship, he has a racially and ethnically diverse background. Additionally, no information is currently available regarding his previous educational experiences.


Stayt began his career working at a commercial radio station in his hometown of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Before moving into the television industry, she worked in radio in London, where she hosted the news program “The Way It Is” on Capital Radio and also reported for LBC and BBC Radio 5 Live.

Stadt began his career in television in 1995 by working for ITN. After that, he joined Five News as a reporter, eventually becoming the anchor of the network’s prime-time bulletins and half-hour live debate shows. He covered the events of 11 September 2001 for Five News and worked for ITN for a total of ten years, during which time he worked as a reporter and presenter. In the past, he has also worked as a presenter on Sky News. Jailbreak and Are You Telepathic are live “reality TV” episodes he hosted.

Stadt began her tenure at BBC Breakfast in 2006, initially filling in as the show’s host on an as-needed basis. However, in December 2007, she was promoted to permanent host for the show’s Friday-Sunday telecasts. BBC Breakfast is an early morning news program broadcast on BBC One and BBC News. He has been the weekend host since the show debuted in January 2008. Along with the show, he relocated to Salford and now co-hosts the show on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays with Naga Moonchetty. Additionally, he fills in for regular weekday anchor Don Walker.

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In August 2016 Stait made several appearances in the Dictionary Corner segment of Channel 4’s Countdown.

Anne Breckel Height and Weight

How tall is Anne Breckel? She is 165 centimeters or 5 feet and 5 inches tall, which is equal to 1.65 meters or 1.65 feet. She weighs approximately 55 kilograms (or 121 pounds). Her eyes are a wonderful shade of blue and she wears her hair blonde. His body measures 34 inches in length, 28 inches in width and 40 inches in height. The cup size she wears in bra is 34 C.

Anne Brakel Net Worth

He currently holds a management position in an international company. His primary financial support comes from his business ventures. She is estimated to have a net worth of $500 to $800 thousand dollars.

Anne Breckel Wiki

real name Anne Breckel
A nickname June
Popularly Wife of Charlie State
age 40-year-old
Birthday NA
birth place America
Zodiac sign NA
race Mixed
Nationality American
religion Christianity
height Approximately 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight Approximately 55 kg (121 lb)
Body measurements 34-28-40 inches approx
Bra cup size 34 c
eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
shoe size 6.5 (US)
Children 1. Phoebe Cenara (b. 1997) and 2. Jake Hamilton (b. 2000)
Husband Charlie State
net worth $500K – $800K

Rumors and Controversies of Anne Breckel

There was a rumor that Breckel and his longtime wife Charlie were on the verge of a divorce, but those rumors turned out to be untrue. As of now, it seems that the couple is yet to divorce and they are enjoying a happy and fulfilling life as a couple. Additionally, he has not been involved in any extramarital affairs or controversial situations so far.

Body measurements of Anne Breckel

Based on her physical characteristics, Anne is a blonde with blue eyes and a full head of blonde hair. Although her exact body measurements have not been released, it is known that she has a model-like physique. She appears to be approximately 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 45 to 50 kg.

Social media profiles

Ann Brickell has a limited media and social presence as she is not active on any of the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.