China Fully Solar Powered Semi-satellite Drone Ready, Flight Ka Video Viral- China Fully Solar Powered Semi-satellite Drone Ready Successfully Completed Flight Know Features

China Solar Drone-Qimingxing-50-India TV Hindi News
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China Solar Drone-Qimingxing-50


  • The drone has a wingspan of up to 164 feet
  • Solar appliances use max
  • Caregiver drones

China Solar Drone- China has developed a fully solar-powered semi-satellite drone. He completed his first test run with all onboard systems working well. According to China’s government media, the drone navigation Sat 5.50pm flight theme from an airport in Shanxi province. He flew well up to 26 minutes and did a safe landing. The drone’s wingspan is 164 feet long, and the massive machine runs entirely on solar panels. These UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) can fly long distances. His name is Qimingxing-50 or Morning Star-50.

The drone is also flying at a height of 20 km. But if it is not worn, it is a good leaf. He leaves to make the most of the solar equipment for long time flight. In fact, the main designer of the drone, Ne South China Ming Post Coro, is it masorn, can work here for up to a year. Harani can talk about drones can also pass in space. It is capable of operating as a satellite from 20k to 100k above the Earth’s sky.

China’s Power and Growth

If satellite service is not available, such as due to time differences or again due to war, it may interrupt operations. Thus the drone’s ‘high altitude platform stance’ or pseudo-satellites are also false. So there is capability here even before China’s pass but since Kimingxing-50 this capability is available to China for a long time. In July this year, the US military will also pilot the solar powered and help test the Airbus Zephyr S drone capable of performing space passes. The drone stayed in the air for 42 days, setting a new record.

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The drone can also be authorized by regulators in both the US and China, plus it can operate for longer hours and see from borders and seas.

Drones like the Morning Star-50 cost a lot of money. Launching in and simplifying. Driven by power from the sun, Milon’s power to pass through China’s space and operate from the ocean helps boost current capabilities. This Hale UAV is capable of monitoring forest fires, providing data and environmental information, as well as conducting high-altitude testing.

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