Comedy Video – Best Three Questions To Ask After Shopping Centre Near Me By Brainjotter

Best three questions to ask after a shopping center near me by brainjotter Chukwubuka Amuzi popularly known as Brainjotter is a Nigerian stand-up comedian, actor and content creator. He is popular for his comedy skits which he often posts on his Instagram handle. Brain Jotter was born on 5th February 1995.


Brain Jotter Profile


brain jotter

real name

Chukwubuka Amuzi

birth date

5th February, 1995


26 years (2021)





Net worth


Educational background

Brain Jotter studied Business Administration at the University of Lagos (UNILAG).


Comedy Video - Top three questions to ask after shopping center near me by brainjotter
Comedy Video – Top 3 questions to ask after shopping center near me by brainjotter

Brain Jotter started his career as a stand up comedian while in university. He worked in a series of comedy shows while in school.

In 2020, Brain Jotter started shooting comedy skits. He is popular for his “I don’t care” attitude in his comedy skits.

Brain Jotter has worked with many Nigerian stars and comedians including Don Jazzy, Ada Jesus, That Mildredgirl, Comedian Makana and many others.

Brian Jotter Instagram

Brain Jotter’s Instagram handle is @brainjotter

Brain Jotter Net Worth

Brain Jotter Net Worth
Comedy Video – Top 3 questions to ask after shopping center near me by brainjotter

The brain jotter is estimated to cost $50,000

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Brainjotter Comedy/Career

Brainjotter started his parody career during his auxiliary school days. He was known to be goofy and innovative with his jokes as he was reliably there to make his friends and colleagues burst into laughter.

He started making parody plays and posting them on his online stages of life, which Instagram didn’t let go of.

In 2020, Brainjotter meandered Spoof expertly delivers a few compositions and basically uses Instagram as a stage to interface with his group. Regardless, his breakthrough came in 2021 after transforming a course of creative satirical dramas into a web sensation, attracting a few ripostes from top talent and fans.

Brainjotter who has basically put together his parodies in terms of connections and real factors has never stopped to make us laugh and through this, he had the option of getting a huge following throughout his online media phases.

He often emulates the Don’t Stress Me, I Don’t Care and Get the FVK Outta Here lifestyle in his comedies.

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