Extend the contract for Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann


JulyOhio State announced in mid-March That is the head men’s basketball coaching coach Chris Holtmann(*13*) Holtmann was to be granted a three-year extension of his contract. That extension meant Holtmann received a (*20*)raise of $500,000, taking his annual compensation to $3.5 Millionaires with a base salary $(*19*) Millions annually. Through a public records request, Bucknuts was able to obtain a copy Holtmann’s contract on Friday.

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July(*20*)Holtmann’s extension sees the life of the contract extend through June 30, 2028. With each new year starting on July (*19*). Holtmann’s annual salary was updated from $850,000 – $.(*19*) Million. The new contract states that Holtmann will receive more media payments from Holtmann than $.1From,365,000 to $1665,000 July (*19*), 2025. Holtmann can be paid more media after the fact July (*19*), 2023.

July(*20*)If Holtmann elects to terminate his contract with the Buckeyes on or before June 30He will pay the Ohio State $(*20*),000 in 2023.2Within 35 days of his contract’s termination, Holtmann will be paid,500,000 Holtmann may terminate his employment between July (*19*), 2023 and June 30In 2024, he will make a payment to the Ohio State for $(*20*),000,000. This amount owed by Ohio State to Holtmann decreases by $500,000 if he ends his contract, until the last year when it drops down to $250,000.

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July(*20*)This contract extension means that, unless something changes, Holtmann will be the head coach of the Scarlet and Gray throughout the careers of all players on the roster. Bucknuts spoke to several Ohio State freshmen during the offseason. who They expressed joy at the news that their future coach was not leaving anytime soon.

July(*20*)(*20*)(*(*19*)*) (*4*) when asked about the contract extension earlier this month. (*(*20*)*)

July(*20*)(*20*)The rest of Holtmann’s contract remains the same, with the head coach receiving $20There are (*20*),000 bonuses for winning the Big Ten regular season title or sharing it with someone else, as well as making the Elite Eight and Final Four. Holtmann will receive a $40,000 bonus if his Buckeyes team wins the Big Ten Tournament.

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July(*20*)(*20*)In addition to the contract, Bucknuts received, via the records request, Holtmann’s signed deal to take a pay cut during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Holtmann was able to reduce his salary by this voluntary reduction. money Ohio State has reduced its contribution by five percent starting Oct. (*19*), 2020 and running through June 30, 2021. This resulted in the guaranteed compensation of the head coach starting at $(*20*).720,663 to $12During that time, it was 5,584,630

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