Counting down Top 7 Ohio (*7*) 2024 defensive targets


(*13*)Ryan Day, (*13*)Mark Pantoni and the Ohio (*7*) staff have been assembling an outstanding 2023 recruiting class and it is not finished yet. But the Buckeyes are also working ahead on their 2024 class. On Wednesday Bucknuts updated our Ohio (*7*) 2024 Top Targets list in the database. Then on Thursday Bucknuts featured our Ohio (*7*) 2024 Top Targets list on the offensive side of the ball.

(*1*)Today Bucknuts counts down our Top 7 Ohio (*7*) 2024 Top Targets on the defensive side of the ball. The countdown is based on the talent of each prospect as well as the Buckeyes’ need at each position.(*13*)


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(*1*)Here are our Top 7 on the defensive side of the ball…(*13*)


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