Criminal Justice Season 3 Review- If you do not expect from the previous season, then you will be able to enjoy it

The third season of ‘Criminal Justice’ has hit the OTT platform. Again, the makers of the yarn have a new story about Pankaj Tripathi. In 2019, this series was started by Tigmanshu Dhulia and Vishal Furia in a book named ‘Criminal Justice’. The second season was really successful, now comes the third season. “Criminal Justice III” is officially titled “Criminal Justice- The Unfinished Truth.” From the very beginning, they declare that “Criminal Justice 3” is related to juvenile delinquency. Like every time, this time again Pankaj Tripathi seems to be the author of ‘Madhav Mishra’. But the biggest challenge for ‘Criminal Justice 3’ is that it has to fight itself. No, he struggles with his old age. Viewers want tighter stories and interesting visuals than the last two seasons and the party is leaving no stone unturned in the tadka. So let’s say, what kind of series is ‘Criminal Justice 3’?


History of Criminal Justice 3′Criminal justice 3)
Like many films, this story also begins with a noble family. The life of this Ahuja family is Zara Ahuja (Deshna Dugad). About Zara because of which this family is rich. Zara is a popular child artist. He has a huge fan following. Zara’s mother Avantika Ahuja (Swastika Mukherjee) and father (Purab Kohli) are completely focused on their careers and show that their daughter remains active and lovers alike. Zara is not only understanding but also takes care of the family at a young age. On the other hand, Zara Mukul Ahuja’s brother is completely opposite to him. He is short-tempered and irritable. You will be able to see in the series why Mukul’s nature is so angry and proud. Let us just tell you that Mukul is also jealous of his sister Zara. He is always dissociated after his success and the whole family’s attitude towards him.

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They twist in the story that night, when Zara leaves the house missing. the ground slips under the feet of mother and father. Everyone is looking for Zara and later it is revealed that she left with someone in a car at 12.40 pm. Then the curtain rises that Zara had joined to the party. After this part he disappears and then some hours later Zara is found to be bloody.

Criminal Justice 3 Trailer


When the corpse of Zara met the sea. Thus the message spreads like wildfire in the middle. Zara fans took to the streets for justice. Now the question is, who is the real killer behind the murder? The police collected this investigation and during the initial investigation it was found that Mukul was also in that party with Zara and there was an argument between the two. Then what!! Only a needle of doubt stuck in Mukul. This suspicion is further confirmed by the police when Mukul’s threads are mixed with drugs and alcohol. Mukul is not even 18 years old, so he is actually registered as a juvenile and is sent to a juvenile reformatory.

Loving Mukul, his mother runs from door to door to save him, but no one is ready to plead her case. In such a situation, Madhav reaches Mishra’s (Pankaj Tripathi) house late at night. Madhav handles this case. Then the debate of the judges, the new plot and the twists, make this story interesting. You will find that what appears to be milk and water is nothing.

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“Criminal Justice 3” review- Acting
Pankaj Tripathi was accepted in the role of Madhav Mishra in the past and this time too he seems to be doing as much as needed. His sword looks great. When the iron arrives, his on-screen wife Khushboo overshadows Atre. Regarding the role of Pankaj Tripathi, it has to be said that this time his role seems a little less. And this is the reason of this writing. It seems that Madhav should have been given a little more space from the story. At the same time, Swastika Mukherjee was also a beautiful actress and also played the character of an anxious and hesitant mother. In Mukul Ahuja’s character, newcomer Aditya Gupta is overwhelmed. Kalyani Mulus is also fine in the role of Vardi.

Review of ‘Criminal Justice by Adhuri Sach’- Direction

Director Rohan Sippy is a famous Bollywood name who has directed movies like ‘Kuch Na Kaho’, ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ and ‘Nautanki Saala’. He is also known for writing web series like “Mithiya” and “Aranyak”. He also directed Huma Qureshi’s ‘Mithya’, which was highly praised. But he hesitated in ‘Criminal Justice 3’. If not the third, but the first part, it is likely to be easily digested. The first season of Criminal Justice was a riot, and the second season was also smoky. He argued about everything. But he failed in the third season. But the director is to be commended for supporting the suspension. Sure it gives the audience blood, but the audience is also fed up. When it comes to casting, the series has done a good job and the director has got full support from everyone.

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This was the weak side of ‘Criminal Justice 3’ (Criminal Justice Adhura Sach). If the engineers had worked harder on this part, its color would have come out much more. Brijesh Jayarajan has been entrusted with the task of writing this series. Earlier he wrote web series like Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Yudh’ and Manoj Bajpayee’s Fareb’ and ‘Shoorveer’. The writer is that strong link for the film that incorporates all the elements that the director engraves on the screen to bring it to life. Denoting the art of how the current will be created in the film in the writer. This same currency seems to be absent in Criminal Justice III.