Criminally Underrated ’80s Horror Movie Is Finally Getting a Video Game Adaptation

Of course, the big news here is that Killer clones from outer space The movie is getting any number of video game adaptations. If you’ve never seen that 1988 gem…well, don’t worry because most of that movie’s plot is right there in the title. It actually tells the story of a group of alien invaders who not only look like clowns but have vaguely decided to base every aspect of their society (their ships, weapons, customs, etc.) on common design elements of clowns and circuses. . Why? Well…the movie doesn’t really offer an explanation, but I suspect clowns are very, very creepy.

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A big reason the film works the way it does is that it’s actually a loving homage/parody of the most infamous 50s B horror and sci-fi movies. From the inept cops who can’t be bothered listening to the local teenagers to the unlikely weapons of the invaders, every part of the movie is designed to have some fun with one trope or another.

“Fun” is the keyword here. While there were many homages to ’50s horror movies released in the ’80s (such as All-Time Great Horror Films thing And The fly), Killer clone’s fun factor and creative use of 80s gore really put it over the top. It belongs to the same pantheon as movies Night of the Creeps And The Blob remake, and it’s nice to see that it finally seems to be having its day in the sun after so many ’80s nostalgia revivals. After all, even that cocaine-fueled era of filmmaking featured some films that included both a “death by pie” scene and a giant popcorn gun. Killer clones It is both things and more.

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Now, if we could only get that Return of the Living Dead Based on a survival game or business management sim material, we must be looking really good. One thing at a time, though.