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For the first time following the death of Cyrus Mistry, former head of Tata Sons, luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz India issued a statement today. The German luxury car maker said it is cooperating with authorities investigating the car accident that led to the death of former Tata Sons boss Cyrus Mistry. Mistry, 54, and his friend Jahangir Pandol were killed on Sunday afternoon when their Mercedes GLC 220d 4MATIC crashed into a roadblock in Balghar district of Maharashtra. Two occupants of the car – Anahita Bandol (55), who was driving the car, and her husband Darius Bandol (60) were injured and taken to a private hospital in Mumbai. Mistry’s body was cremated on Tuesday. The last rites were performed at an electric crematorium at Worli in central Mumbai.

“As a responsible brand that respects customer privacy, our team cooperates with authorities where possible, and we will provide any clarifications to them directly as required,” the automaker said in a statement.

The German auto giant has indicated that it will continue its ongoing efforts to raise awareness of road safety as a responsible manufacturer while equipping its vehicles with the latest safety features and technology.

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“We are deeply saddened by the sudden death of Cyrus Mistry and Jehangir Bandol in the unfortunate road accident. At the same time, we are pleased to learn that Anahita Bandol and Darius Bandol are recovering. We wish them a speedy recovery.” Earlier today, a team from the company collected vehicle data that will be decrypted for further analysis.

Sanjay Moheti, inspector general of police in Konkan district, said there will also be an investigation into other details such as tire pressure and brake fluid level to ascertain the cause of the accident. The doomed car was a 2017 GLC 220d 4MATIC, which is equipped with seven airbags overall. The latest version of the all-wheel drive model comes at a price of over 68 lakh rupees.

It has a ‘prior safety system’ where the front seat belts can be electrically tensioned in dangerous situations. According to the Mercedes-Benz India website, the GLC Pre-Safe System reduces forward displacement of occupants during braking or skidding in an imminent accident.

The fatal accident occurred on the bridge of the Surya River when the four persons were on their way to Mumbai from Gujarat. A police official said earlier that the deceased was not wearing seat belts in a preliminary investigation, adding that excessive speed and a “miscalculation” on the part of the driver caused the accident. The official explained that the luxury car was traveling quickly when the accident occurred.

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