Dairymaid Gelata Roma 2021 Winter Competition – Last Date: 15.08.2021

Dairymaid Gelata Roma 2021 – This Contest is administered by Dairymaid South Africa Limited in conjunction with TMARC T/A Jupicorp PVT Limited. The Competition will begin on 28th June 2021 and the last date will be 15th August 2021. Entries that will be received after the last date will not be eligible.

Eligibility Criteria – Who Can Apply?

  • Only the legal residence of South African people can submit their applications. Entrants that have a legal South African Working Permit are joined to enter the Contest. Valid passports of valid South African residents will be allowed.
  • People who are not residents and/or citizens of the Republic of South Africa.
  • Parent, child, life partner, brother, Spouse, sister, business partner, any can apply but their age must be under 18 years.

Steps to Dairymaid Gelata Roma 2021 Participate?

To apply online for the Dairymaid Gelata Roma 2021 Winter Competition one must follow the steps given below.

  • Buy any Country Fresh 2L Tub or Gelata Roma 1.5L Tub (products listed here), register USSD code *120*642#, also understand the prompts to enter. Keep evidence of purchase (up to receipt/slip) to be able to redeem your prizes.
  • USSD Costs – 20 cents/20 seconds.

Participating Products Dairymaid Gelata Roma 2021

  • COUNTRY FRESH Vanilla 2L
  • COUNTRY FRESH ChocaCaraNila 2L
  • GELATA ROMA Chocolate Brownie 1.5L
  • COUNTRY FRESH Vanilla Lite 2L
  • COUNTRY FRESH Neapolitan 2L
  • GELATA ROMA Tin Roof 1.5L
  • COUNTRY FRESH Blueberry Cheesecake 2L
  • COUNTRY FRESH Rum & Raisin 2L
  • GELATA ROMA Stracciatella 1.5L
  • COUNTRY FRESH Choc Fudge 2L
  • COUNTRY FRESH Mermaids & Pirates 2L
  • GELATA ROMA Caramel Delight 1.5L
  • COUNTRY FRESH Coconut Delight 2L
  • COUNTRY FRESH Vanilla & Choc sauce 2L
  • GELATA ROMA Cookies 1.5L
Organization Dairymaid (South Africa) (Proprietary) Limited
Competition Name Gelata Roma 2021 Winter Competition
Applicable For South African Resident
Competition Last Date 15.08.2021
Official Website CLICK HERE

Dairymaid Gelata Roma 2021 Prizes

Legitimate participants in this contest get the chance for second or draw-based prizes. Members are eligible to win a one-time instant prize but may be inserted into a grand prize draw, where they will be available to become potential winners.

Instant Prizes Dairymaid Gelata Roma 2021

  • Consumers who buy participating Country Fresh outcomes have a chance to win a share of 52,500 (fifty-five thousand five hundred Rand) value of airtime.
  • Airtime to winners will be awarded in R10 (Ten Rand) increments.
  • This turns into 5,250 winners of immediate airtime.
  • Airtime is provided immediately and provided at random.

Weekly Prizes Dairymaid Gelata Roma 2021

  • For customers who buy participating Country Fresh outputs, There is a fortune to win a piece of a Take-a-Lot voucher worth R70,500 (seventy-five hundred Rand). Vouchers will be granted in R1,500 (one thousand five hundred Rand) additions to the winners. This turns into 47 winners of take-a-lot vouchers.
  • For participating consumers purchasing Gelata Roma products, There is a lot to win a share of cash value worth R47,000 (Forty-Seven Thousand Rand). Cash will be given to the winners in increments of Rs 1,000 (Rand One Thousand). This changes into 47 winners of cash prizes. Cash is provided through an ABSA ATM PIN, which champions can withdraw from their most next ABSA ATM.
  • For participating consumers purchasing Gelata Roma products, There is a possibility to win part of the Le Creuset voucher worth R125,000 (One Hundred and Twenty-Five Thousand Rand). Vouchers will be given in R2,500 (Rand Two Thousand) additions to the winners. This turns into 50 winners of Le Creuset vouchers.

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