Descendants of 1. 6 crore men in the world ‘killed’ Genghis Khan, in 3 countries में बसे, काबर का को आता पाता नहीन – Genghis Khan Descendants of 16 million men in the world no one knows the grave lives in this country

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Descendants of Genghis Khan in the world


  • 1 crore 60 million men are descendants of Genghis Khan
  • One in 200 male descendants in the world
  • No grave known

Genghis Khan- Write Genghis Khan’s name in history, the whole world knows. From his crimes, looting and inheritance, the Qatanians’ cries are heard. This person from the Gujra path does not see anything besides Maut and Tabligh. The heads of the leaders of his troops are therefore severed from the torsos, showing the extent to which a town or village has been plundered. I not only prevent robberies and murders, but also interfere with women on a large scale.


Changez Khan can give all the mortal women your harem and the rest of the young women. His percentage dropped. Jeans total 200 baht. Much later build your own empire and level out the Haram system. Even such a large family is unusual for the death of Changez Khan with him. No one today knows what Genghis Khan said in the tomb. Maut Konja is also claimed by his uncle.

One descendant from 200 men

One Genghis Khan descends from 200 men in the world. A study published in the US Journal of Human Genes in the year 200 found that Chhattisgarh’s DNA is present in 1.6 million men alive on Earth today. Did Leinster Unity in England find the navigation of science-minded people to stay within the Mongolian Empire Eight men have a mark inside the Y gunasuta, which says they are descended from Genghis Khan. Based on this finding, 0.5 of the 1.6 billion Aenei in the world are related to Genghis Khan’s family.

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The term means that one in every 20 people in the world can be a descendant of Genghis Khan. Aloe lives in Russia, China and Pakistan. Pakistan’s Hazara community is also run by Genghis Khan’s family. Genghis Khan owned an empire of 300,000 square meters of land. Genghis Khan, the invader of Mongolia, was born in 1162 in Temujin of the Borjigin clan. His fear was such a big empire. Genghis Khan ruled the empire from Moscow (capital of Russia) to Seuzing (capital of China). The Mongol Salton was spread up to 30 square streets. Today there are 3 crore people in this area.

Genghis Khan’s father Angsui was also your clan’s chieftain. When Genghis was 10 years old, his father died. So, let Genghis Khan take over your crooked brain and violent mentality. He is preparing a special army of thousands of assassins. Looting, eating and killing people in looter cities included here

Muslims or Genghis Khan?

Many historians claim that Genghis Khan was not a Muslim. Many speak Muslim because of his surname Khan. But is it true that Islam was more inclined than any other religion? Famous historian Ata Malik Juwani K Vijay, Genghis Khan Ne Kharzmia during his time religious freedom of Muslims. He can pray. Although Rashid-al-Din claims that on this occasion he considered a halal how. It said that he was dead among many people. Although his prey is preyed upon by others there are more folk religions.

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Cause of death of Genghis Khan

Scientists have not yet revealed the causes of Genghis Khan’s death. Many historians claim that he was wounded during the war. Sehin Australia A study by Flinders University in Adelaide claims that Genghis Khan died of bubonic plague. Genghis Khan’s family and followers were ordered to keep his detention the greatest secret. So it is said that Genghis Khan died during China’s war with Western Shias. The Mongol army led by Genghis Khan had been at war with the Western Shias for nearly 20 years. It is also said that Chaz Khan stabbed to death a woman of the Tangut, a Tibetan-Burman tribe in northwestern China. After that, the reason why more blood came out of his body was Genghis Khan’s mother. It is also claimed that he fell from his horse during the battle and was killed by an arrow.

No one knows the grave of Genghis Khan

The tombs of the kings, emperors and sultans of the world are built after their death. But Genghis Khan, father of 20 children and owner of a thousand-road empire, does not have a single grave. It is said that Genghis Khan did not want his name to be targeted after his death. So he told you that after his death he was buried in an unknown location. After burying him again in the same ground, thousands of horses ran across his ground and leveled the same as if any trace of a grave could be found.

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