Destiny 2 Season of the Plunder: Concealed Void Guide

The Legend and Master Lost segments were introduced in Destiny 2 in November 2020. They’ve been an integral part of the game ever since. In the latest season of Plunder update, players can earn a new piece of armor for their class by completing Legend Lost Sectors.

As such, this means entering Legend Lost Sectors in hopes of acquiring brand new armor sets. In this guide we will cover the Legend Lost section of the hidden void.

Note that there is a rotation schedule every day, which means you won’t be able to clear the Void Lost Legend hidden sector every day.

Let’s start.

Hidden Void Guide | The Lost Sector of Legend in Destiny 2 Season of the Plunder

The recommended skill to enter the Hidden Sector of Lost Legends is at least 1570. For this we are introducing a new subclass of Arcstrider for the hunter. For gear, you want to equip the following skills:

  • Gambler’s Dodge for more survival
  • Triple jump for more movement
  • Mixed hit to increase melee damage with low health recovery
  • Arcbolt bomb to damage the AOE area

As for your super ability, you should pick Gathering Storm to deal more damage. Alternatively, you can trade it in for Blade Barrage if you want a single shot at the boss in the area.

For equipment, you should use the Arbalest and Cataclysmic as linear fusion cannons and the Strident Whistle as bow. As for your shield, you can use any shield that grants a stat boost. You can also equip gloves that contain the Overload Bow and Bow Reloader mods if you plan to primarily use the bow.

I also recommend mods that offer an increased chance of finding ammo for your guns.

area clearance

Destiny 2 Season of the Plunder: Concealed Void Guide

The hidden emptiness is simple. When you enter the area, you can use your bow to shoot many enemies from afar. Once you encounter elite enemies, simply switch to your weapon to trade with them quickly.

In general, the region is not that confusing. You only need to do some platforming in certain parts, but the design is quite simple. Once you reach the chief’s room, you will face Teliks, House of Salvation.

Luckily, taking down this boss isn’t difficult. However, you will need a lot of firepower as it is very durable. Not only that, you also have to evacuate servants and other reinforcements in the area.

Just make sure to keep your distance, as Teliks will get too close for him to launch a devastating attack. After defeating the Teliks, all you have to do at the end is collect the loot.

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