Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Rumours- Sorting the Fact From the (Fan) Fiction

Others have pointed out that David Tennant’s Doctor is both returning with A A new tartan suit And A The new sonic screwdriver So it doesn’t seem as simple as a flashback.

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Next scheduled installment mostly with 60th anniversary specials doctor who After Jodie Whittaker’s departure later this year, it’s not a huge leap to speculate that some revival misfiring could result in the temporary return of Tennant…

Why (and how?) is Donna back with the Doctor?

As Russell T Davies pointed out when he announced his return, the Doctor erases Donna’s memory and if she remembers it, she will die. Which makes the remarkable footage of David Tennant and Catherine Tate filming together this summer all the more interesting. Davis hinted at several possibilities, including flashbacks, multiverses, or gimmicks.

As we’ve already said, a flashback seems unlikely given Tan’s new outfit, but what about it? A parallel universe, as some have theorized? After all, the Metacrisis that required Donna to wipe her memory also created another, semi-human version of the Tenth Doctor who now lives in a parallel universe – so maybe that’s where the story takes place. However, there is not much evidence to support this theory.

So what about the trick? This could make perfect sense if the rumored identity of Neil Patrick Harris’ character is true – the former WHO A villain who has the power to distort reality and turn his enemies into pawns in his deadly games. More on that later.

Whatever the truth of the Doctor and Donna’s relationship in the anniversary specials, the pair certainly appear to time-travel together, such as during filming. car, Additional And Props A proposed episode was set before Halloween in 1925. But where does that leave the modern Donna Noble? That leads us nicely…


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