Does Noel Fitzpatrick Have Tattoo? Is The Veterinary Surgeon Married?

The Supervet stars Noel Fitzpatrick on Channel 4. The show follows real animals that Biovet and his world-renowned team treat with cutting-edge medicine.


Fitzpatrick is a veterinarian whose face is familiar to animal lovers around the world. Noel is from Ballyfin in the Irish county of Laois.

After graduating in Veterinary Medicine from University College Dublin in 1993, he moved to England. This was about 30 years ago. He started Fitzpatrick Referrals in Eashing, Surrey in 2005 and is now Director and Managing Physician there.

Noel has loved animals all his life, but he also loves acting. The 53-year-old actor has appeared in several popular TV shows such as The Bill, London’s Burning and Heartbeat. He has also acted in a few films such as the 2003 film The Devil’s Tattoo and the main character in Live for the Moment.

Noel Fitzpatrick
Noel Fitzpatrick

Vet- Does Noel Fitzpatrick have a tattoo?

Looks like Noel has no tattoos. Also, she often posts photos on Instagram, but none of them show her tattoos.

Fitzpatrick uses the handle profnoelfitzpatrick on Instagram. On Twitter, 289 thousand people follow him. In his autobiography, he stated that he was the father of a cat and a dog, as well as a professor and a dreamer.

We can tell from her social media posts that she loves animals. As he kneels down to hold his patients in his arms, he does so with a big smile that shows how much he respects the race.

Does Noel Fitzpatrick have a wife? All about how he dates

Because he worked so hard as a veterinarian, Noel never married and had no children. But in an interview with The Guardian in 2020, Noel said he had a girlfriend, but he didn’t say anything else about her.

The TV personality told Express UK that she would like to settle down one day, but is committed to her career, which requires her to work 16-hour days.

He told The Irish Times, “One day I want to get married and start a family, but the wife has to understand that this process always comes first.”

There is some romance in the life of a veterinarian. In the early 2000s, he was seen out with singer-songwriter Kathy Dennis. Although they broke up after a few years, it makes me think that he was a normal person.

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Also, talking about marriage, she said that she wants a special someone, but that day won’t come soon.

How Much Money and Tour Dates Noel Fitzpatrick Will Have in 2022

Noel’s net worth is 16 million euros in 2022. In the 1990s, he began his career working at the University of Surrey. After that, he became an associate professor and moved to the University of Florida.

He became famous when he was the first surgeon to successfully place an artificial joint in a cat. He went on The Supervet and The Bionic Wet radio shows and reached out to more people.

He has parts in a few TV shows and hopes to make it big on the big screen, where he can make a lot of money.

Due to his long and successful career, he must have earned a lot of money which he is now using to live a very good life.

Small Animal Orthopedic and Neurosurgeon

In 2005, he opened Fitzpatrick Referrals in Surrey, the UK’s finest and largest small animal orthopedic and neurosurgery facility. It has more than 250 veterinary specialists and has excellent surgical, diagnostic and rehabilitation facilities.

Noel is the medical chair and chief surgeon of Fitzpatrick Referrals. He has extensive experience in minimally invasive arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery, spinal disc disease, joint deformities, joint replacement, regenerative medicine and joint salvage from acute injuries or cancer. People like him because he comes up with new ways to solve difficult problems, while always encouraging and ensuring that they are solved in an effective and ethical way. He has come up with over 30 new ways of doing things, some of which have never been done before.

In 2009, he was the first veterinarian in the world to successfully apply cutting-edge amputation prostheses (called Perfits) to a cat named Oscar, who lost both front legs in an accident. In 2015, Noel and Oscar both received a Guinness World Record for what they did.

In 2015, Noel opened a second, state-of-the-art hospital in Surrey for oncology and soft tissue. This hospital changed how cancer is treated and how pets are cared for.

The Fitzpatrick Institute for Regeneration of Bone Tissue is set up as a second center (FIRST) in the Eshing referral process. The goal of the new building is to provide a broad range of treatment options based on validated evidence for people with complex conditions of the neuromusculoskeletal system. This includes combining the revolution of regenerative medicine with new developments in biomaterials.

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Research in education

Noel is an associate professor in the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida. He helped found the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Surrey and is Professor of Orthopedics there. He holds a doctorate and honorary degree from the University of Surrey for his work in medicine.

Noel’s commitment to academic research from his private veterinary practice is unparalleled. Over the past ten years, he has authored dozens of peer-reviewed papers. His work is everywhere. He has shown that surgical techniques and implants work, and has helped explain how diseases are transmitted. These included the publication of a treatment algorithm for elbow dysplasia and a report of the outcomes and rates of complications of more than 1,000 consecutive tibial plateau leveling osteotomies.

Noel Fitzpatrick
Noel Fitzpatrick

TV and other media

Several television documentaries have been made about Noel and his team and have been shown around the world. Bionic Vet is a six-part BBC program from 2010 that shows how some of Noel’s procedures are based on exciting science. Supervet has been on Channel 4 since 2014. The show has 16 successful seasons and has the highest ratings of any show on the channel. Against the backdrop of advanced medicine and surgery, the show looks at how important the bond between humans and animals is to society and how we should treat animals ethically.

Noel guested on Channel 4’s coverage of Crufts to talk about his experience with animals and his ideas on how to care for them well.

In 2017 and 2019, she hosted Animal Rescue Live, Channel 4’s live 5-day programme. He was on the show with Steve Jones and Kate Quilton. The program’s goal is to find homes for as many rescue animals as possible, spread the word about animal adoption, and educate people on how to properly care for animals.

public speaking

Over a decade, he has delivered more than 700 lectures around the world. He has been a keynote speaker at human and veterinary conferences. Noel is frequently asked to give motivational talks to those in the veterinary and medical fields and beyond. These people include students, the British military, fans of art and literature, city financiers and people with strong opinions.

Noel embarked on his first nationwide arena tour in 2018, making him the first vet to do so. The tour showed how Noel’s life has changed from his childhood in Ireland to today, and the future of medicine has great potential. The 22-day event was an immersive experience and Noel was able to move and inspire the audience as he demonstrated his amazing techniques and unique thinking.

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Noel is a founding partner and professor at Surrey Veterinary School, which was officially opened by Her Majesty The Queen in October 2015.

Noel is the founder of The VET Festival, a unique two-day conference for companion animal veterinarians that delivers tomorrow’s veterinary education in an inspiring festival setting with world-renowned speakers delivering world-class CPD.

A medicine

Noel was instrumental in bringing the concept of “one medicine” to the forefront in England. He helped establish a space where veterinary medicine and human medicine could share knowledge and ideas. Medicine is at the heart of Noel’s work and the foundation of The Humane Trust, a charity he started to support this cause. This important charity wants to raise awareness and create a space where people can work together. It wants to fund research and training programs that help veterinarians, human doctors, bioengineers and scientists of all kinds work together for the benefit of all species.


Noel is the director of the company, which was set up to develop, design, manufacture, develop, test and deploy new implants to help animals feel less pain and suffering. A dedicated team of researchers and bioengineers develop implants for specific patients who need a solution that cannot be found anywhere else. Many Fitzbionics technologies have been written about in well-known veterinary journals and shown on TV around the world.

In 2015, Noel launched the VET Festival, which stands for “Veterinary Education for Tomorrow”. This is a two-day outdoor conference for veterinarians working with companion animals. This one-of-a-kind event brings together world-class speakers from a wide range of disciplines to provide industry-leading CPD (Continuing Professional Development) in a lively, inspiring outdoor setting. Health is at the heart of the event, which focuses on health for both humans and animals.

Awards and accolades

Noel has won many awards including the BSAVA Mark S. Bloomberg, Simon and Blaine Awards for contributions to teaching and veterinary surgery. His achievements are listed in the Guinness Book of Records, and in 2016 he was invited to Buckingham Palace to speak to Her Majesty The Queen about his work.

Noel’s first book, Listening to the Animals, became a Sunday Times bestseller at No.1 in 2018. It’s about how he became a supervet.

In 2020, Noel released his second memoir, How Animals Save My Life, about what it’s like to be a supervet in real life. It was also a Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller.