Does This House of the Dragon Scene Finally Tell Us What Drogon Did With Daenerys’ Body?

This is the signal for the golden dragon Sirax to descend from his perch and breathe fire on the corpse, lighting his funeral pyre. Appropriately for a house whose watchword is “fire and blood”, the Targaryens favor cremation rather than burying their ancestors (a practical tradition in the Seven Kingdoms, where – as we’ve seen – magic exists that can raise the dead and transform them). can. among the warriors of the blue-eyed zombie army).


in Game of ThronesWe saw Daenerys roasting her enemies alive using the “drakeries” command – memorably slave master Kraznis Mo Naklos. Season 3, Episode 4, after he underestimated both her hunger for revenge and her ability to speak High Valyrian. Of course, Dany’s first “drakeries” victim was Pyat Pree, a Qarth warrior who held her baby dragon hostage in the House of the Undying. He also underestimated the bond he shared with Danny and his children.

“Dracaris” execution of Daenerys Targaryen was one of the sure signs. Shared more in general Once thought with his bloody and cruel father the Mad King Aerys. After the Battle of Goldrod, in which Dany defeated the Lannisters, she gathered the survivors and forced them to kneel before her—an old Targaryen favorite. When two men – Lord Randall and Rickon Tarly, respective father and brother of Samwell Tarly – refuse to surrender, Dany issues the order and they are both burned alive by dragon fire. Lord Varys, the Master of Whispers whose conscience got the better of him, suffered the same fate, even though he had been secretly pulling strings for decades to install Dany on the Iron Throne.

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All the above were vengeful acts of war, but House of the Dragon The “Drakerys” scene shows the Targaryens practicing their family rites in a time of relative peace. It gives us a fair idea of ​​what Drogon did with Dany’s body after the Iron Throne melted and he flew away from King’s Landing. According to the theory by Samwell Tarly In the final, The dragon took her to Volantis, where she grew up in exile after her father’s death, and cremated her body according to family tradition. Sort of sweet, really?