Electric scooter owner fined for riding without pollution certificate, CEO replies | Electric car news

There have been multiple reports from challans where a vehicle owner has been fined for some strange or somewhat unexplained reason. But the recent report of an Ather electric car owner fined by traffic police for not having a Pollution Control Control (PUC) certificate takes an odd degree. The incident reportedly took place in Kerala and is now spreading on the internet. Initially, the photo of the electric scooter with the challan receipt issued by the traffic police. Since then, Shalan’s photos have been making the rounds on the Internet.

Based on the photo of the challan receipt for the Ather electric scooter, the Certificate of Pollution Controlled was not produced upon request. It also mentioned Section 213 (5)(e) of the Motor Act 1988 adding a total of Rs 250 fine to the owner of the electric scooter. In a post, Tarun Mehta, CEO of Ather, responded, “Sigh.”

It goes without saying that no pollution certificate is required for electric vehicles. PUC certificates are only required for vehicles that produce fumes. These certifications are very important for vehicles with internal combustion engines that run on fossil fuels. In some places like Delhi-NCR, certification is required for fuel pumps. This certificate is important to monitor pollution or harmful emissions from a vehicle.

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As electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly, the Indian government is working to increase the rate of electric vehicle adoption in the country. Moreover, when compared to vehicles that use fossil fuels.

This is not the first time such an issue has surfaced. In the past, there were cases where a car owner was fined for not wearing a helmet while driving. However, in such circumstances, the explanation is often the wrong entry of mind by the operator who issued the order. These statuses are often exaggerated and get a lot of attention on social media due to their quirky nature.