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Essay in 150 words on my Vision for India 2047

 My vision for India in 2047: EssayOur Country India achieved Independence 15th August 1947 after 200 years of British slavery and oppression. Our country was a backward, stagnant economy at the time of independence. Our economy has improved a lot since independence, but it is not enough. I want India to be the world’s largest economy until 2047 after its 100 year anniversary.

While India has made progress in many areas, my vision is that India will be the largest country in the world by 2047. I believe everyone should be able meet their basic needs.

India must be freed from Corruption, Crime, Poverty, Illiteracy, and Unemployment. After 100 years of Independence, India must have Harmony, Trust, Peace, Honesty, and Truthfulness.

Essay on My Vision for India 2047 in 300 (*25*)

India finally gained independence from British rule in 1947 after many years of struggle. In 2047, India will celebrate its 100th anniversary of independence. In 2047, it will be all about what we do and create today.

My vision for India 2047 is to make India a powerful country, both internally and externally. Everyone should be able to get the education they need and have opportunities to find good jobs. Every child in India must be educated. age Should be forced to work as a bonded worker for 47 of them. Everyone should be treated equally and with equal respect. There should be no discrimination based upon caste, color,gender,creed or economic status.

Peace, harmony, and trust should prevail in India. This is my vision for 2047. India should be free of social evils such as corruption, poverty, unemployment, Illiteracy, gender inequality, and other social problems. India needs to have better medical facilities. India’s women should have more autonomy by 2047. They should be financially independent and have a social status.

As women are more in need of gender equality, my main focus will be on them. There should be no discrimination between men and women based on their gender. To develop the economy, there should be development in urban and rural areas. All people must work together to achieve this goal of development.

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India should remain the land of truthfulness, secularism and prosperity. India should be the most secure country for women, where they can walk freely without fear. India should have friendly, peaceful and good relations with its neighbours.
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(*1*)Essay about my Vision for India in 2047, 400 (*25*)

India is a developing nation. India has certainly developed significantly in the past few years, as compared to its independence. India is about to celebrate its 100th year of independence from colonial control. India was granted independence in 1947. We have come a long way since then but we are still not where we should be. India must be number one in all areas, including economy, education, health, safety, equality, sovereignty.

India is rich in culture, traditions and history. India is the most populous democracy in the world, and the country has the longest and largest written constitution. My vision for India 2047 is that India achieves new heights in prosperity and development, bringing together all people without discrimination. As the (*10*) Our country’s main strength and essence is its people. I would like to see our country open up for the gender equality that we have achieved, but here we are lacking a little. In our country, there isn’t enough gender equality. Males are treated more favorably than females.

I would like equality for women in all areas of life, including education and employment. As we see today, there is still inequality between men and woman. I hope that our country will be able to achieve this goal until 2047. I want India to be free from corruption, crimes, rapes, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, child labor, rich poor gap, etc. by 2047. Women should feel safe enough to walk without fear.

India should not have any poor people by 2047. Everyone should not live in poverty, should be able fulfill their basic needs and should not go to bed hungry. It is possible to end poverty by providing education for all. When all are educated, then they can get jobs and grow. This will help them to rise out of poverty to become employed. So everyone should be educated, out of poverty, and healthy by 2047. Only then can our economy and country develop.

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India is changing. Let’s all get together and support the development of India by bringing all people together, regardless of their Caste, Economic background, creed,religion,social status,color, etc. Let’s all get together and help contribute to the development of this nation.

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  1. 1. India, our country, was liberated on 15th August 1947 after 200 years of British slavery and oppression Government. India will celebrate its 100th year of independence in 2047. Comparing it with the time of Independence, India is much more developed today.

2India should be a country where women feel safe, educated, independent financially and socially, and are able to walk on roads with no fear or hesitation. My vision for India 2047 is to empower and make women more self-reliant.

3. I want India to be the largest country in the world by 2047. All of us should work together in order to boost our economy and achieve the title of largest economy in the world by 2047. It is important that we all work together in order to reach it. 25 Years.

4. India needs to ensure gender equality for all. Gender equality should not be discriminated against men or women in any sphere of life, including school, office, elections, family, and other responsibilities. There should never be any distinction between men and women. Gender equality should continue until 2047.

5. Everybody should be able to access education without discrimination based on their class, color, creed, religion, gender, cast, or other characteristics. The right to education should be available to the poor as well. Only then can our country develop and eradicate poverty until 2047. Right to education is an right given by our government but most poor people don’t follow this.

6. India is a secular country. All religions are accepted and all citizens have the right of worship. No religion is forced upon anyone. This is what makes our country unique from all other nations. My vision is for India to remain secular until 2047 and beyond. The strength and respect of India has been recognized by the whole world.

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7. There should be no discrimination in India on the basis of cast, color, creed, creed, class,language,religion, gender, occupation, etc. Everybody should be treated the same before the law and every day. There are many instances where people are treated differently based on their gender, such as in jobs, interviews, admissions, etc. I hope that India by 2047 will be a country where everyone is treated equally.

8. Till 2047, there should be no unemployment in India. To ensure that everyone has employment, we all need to work together. More industries, companies, schools, hospitals and other facilities are needed to eradicate the problem of unemployment. Our country must develop.

9. To eradicate poverty, my greatest vision or goal is to achieve it by 2047. Although our country has come a long way in the 75 years that have passed since independence, the problem of poverty still remains. There should not be any Indian citizen who is poor. To achieve this goal, we need education, employment, healthcare, equality, and social justice.

10. I would like to see my country the most developed country in the world until 2047. Economically and socially. we should focus on Health,Infrastructure,Income,Imports,Exports,Expenditures,Poverty,Unemployment,Illiteracy etc and resolve all the issues and work together for the development.

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