Facebook New Name: What is the meaning of Facebook’s new name Meta? Know what is Metaverse

Facebook New Name: Facebook  , the most popular social media platform in the world including India, will now be known as Meta. The company has changed its name. Company CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that we do not want to limit it to just a social media platform and now what we are going to do was to go with a new name so that everyone can know that What are we doing and what are we going to do. 

What is the meaning of Meta?
According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Meta means Beyond in Greek. It can be understood that the name of the company has been changed from Facebook to Meta so that it can be taken beyond the social media platform to a virtual world. 

What is Metaverse? 
Metaverse will be such a virtual world in which people sitting in their rooms can do different things simultaneously in many places through different avatars. This new world of internet has been named as Metaverse. Such a universe of metaverse technology in which humans can be virtually present in those places, which can be achieved through virtual and augmented reality. Although a lot of work has been done on these lines in video games, but there is a lot of discussion about the process of its entry into the world of common people through social media.

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Questions started arising on
Facebook This name has been changed by Facebook at a time when questions are being raised on the company in many countries about online security, not stopping inflammatory content. The Government of India has also sent a letter to Facebook seeking details of the algorithms and procedures used by the social media company.