‘Full House’ Cast’s Quotes About Bob Saget Through the Years: ‘My Nemo’

'Full House' Cast’s Quotes About Bob Saget Through the Years: 'My Nemo'

A friend to the end. Bob SagetThe fellow cast members of Full House Considered him more than a colleague – They considered him family.


actor, Who passed away on Sunday, January 9, at the age of 65Maintained a close relationship with his TV daughters Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin And Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson Well then Full House Its original run ended in 1995.

“We hang out sometimes,” the comedian said. Us weekly Years before her TV family in May 2013 Fuller House The revival officially reunites most of the cast. “I see them when we can. We all love each other.”

During the table read for the final season of Fuller HouseThe The Masked Singer The alum gushed as she talked about how much she loved being reunited with Boore, 45, and Sweetin, 39. Andrea Barberwho played DJ Tanner’s best friend Kimmy Gibbler.

He said in May 2019, “I’m so proud to be able to raise these girls and know them because they’re … like my girls — like my own daughters.” . And I love you.”

The Olsen twins, 35, did not participate Fuller HouseBut He also remained close with his TV father After leaving his acting career behind. When Saget appeared on Broadway in the play Give God a hand In November 15, Ashley proudly supported him on opening night, posing for backstage photos with her. That same month, the Rowe designer had dinner with the Philadelphia native in New York City.

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Temple University grades were also close John Stamos And Dave Coulier, who played Danny Tanner’s brother-in-law and best friend, respectively. In January 2019, Saget and his wife, Kelly RizzoWent on a double date together Scream Queens Veteran, 58, and his wife, Caitlin McHugh.

“What can you say about someone you’ve loved for so long and want to spend the rest of your life with?” Saget joked via Instagram at the time, sharing a photo of the four hundred sitting together at dinner. “But enough about @JohnStamos — we’re both so lucky to be married to these amazingly beautiful women @eattravelrock and @caitlinskybound — and we know who we married…wow.”

Saget, Stamos and Coulier, 62, played the characters Full House And its sequel series were not related by blood, but in real life, they knew each other as siblings. “I’ll never let go, bro,” Coulier wrote via Instagram On Monday, January 10, after Saget’s death. “Love you.”

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