Here’s what will happen to the Kohinoor diamond in the crown after the death of Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth II – Know what will happen to the Kohinoor diamond after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

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  • Crown was created in 1937
  • Kohinoor has 105 carats of diamonds
  • Kohinoor is crowned with a platinum K mount

Queen Elizabeth- Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has ruled at the age of 96. The Queen of Scotland’s Palace is her final resting place. Now people are wondering what will happen to Kohinoor diamond when Queen Elizabeth K Crown will start. Tell me what Elizabeth Taj is wearing in a special program. Apart from the Kohinoor, the crown also has 2,867 diamonds. Kohinoor continues to trend on social media after Elizabeth II’s reign, and it’s asking people-to-be questions. Tell you that now the next Crown will be given to the Empress.

Crown was created in 1937

For information please let us know that Camilla Hongey, Queen Duchess of Cornwall of the United Kingdom, is the wife of Prince Charles, Elizabeth II’s eldest daughter. After the death of the Queen, Prince Charles is now the king. For information, this crown was created in 1937 for the coronation of King George. Apart from Kohinoor K, this crown can also have many precious stones. A large stone has also been placed in the Crown Inn 1856 by the Sultan of Turkey in the Mahani Victoria Tohfe. They ask for your thanks to the British Army in continuous warfare.

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Prince Charles will make King

105 carat Kohinoor diamond, set in platinum with a mount on the crown. Here the British Crown is presented. In Queen Elizabeth’s year, it was announced that Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla would also be named Queen. Similarly, Prince Charles will share the crown with Camilla Kohinoor at his coronation.

History of Kohinoor

Apparently, there was a brilliant stone mill in India around 800 years ago, named Kohinoor. Kohinoor diamond is one of the largest diamonds in the world. Kuh-e-Noor Ka means mountain of light. He said, ‘It was similar to India’s Golconda mine. When the British colony came to Punjab, the last Sikh ruler, Duleep Singh, had a pass. In 1849 Angrejn won the Punjab and the Treaty of Lahore was announced. Later Lord Dalhousie Ne Ranjit Singh’s heir Dilip Singh arranged for Queen Victoria to vent the Kohinoor. The diamond was presented to Queen Victoria in 1850-51. Since then the Kohinoor diamond has been in England.

A myth has also been associated with the Kohinoor necklace that the diamond is lucky for a woman, that it can cause misfortune and death for the host.


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