How a Rumored Marvel Project Could Be the MCU’s Answer to The Boys

Needless to say, the edgy and political approach combined with shocking and over the top moments and topical humor could allow the Squadron to really stand out compared to other Marvel superhero units. success of Boys It’s also something the MCU could benefit from ironically, allowing the studio to reach a meta market as audiences seek a more realistic approach to storytelling that isn’t afraid to point out the genre’s flaws. It is better to be a joke and benefit from its consequences than to ignore the essential point of its existence. Boys Attempts to make! Plus, there’s something totally new and fresh about the style of the Prime series that can revive some of Marvel’s familiar tropes. But how does Squadron Supreme fit that mold so well for Marvel?


Origin of the Squadron Supreme

Often referred to as America’s Squadron Supreme, the group was an early spinoff of Squadron Sinister, who fought against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. This The Avengers #69, which was released in 1963. It wasn’t until 1971 that the Squadron Supreme itself would debut in #85 and #86. The Avengers. Roy Thomas and John Buscema would be credited with creating the unit, who would enjoy sporadic cameos at first. Got his limited run in 1985.

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While they don’t boast the initial Sinister name, the team is depicted as a darker reflection of a series of familiar comic book heroes, sometimes masquerading as do-gooders. It’s a concept that hasn’t been touched on in the MCU (yet) but it is Set the tone for Boys Very good.

It was the Multiverse that first introduced the Squadron Supreme, defending Earth-712 in the same way that the Avengers defended Earth-616. But that won’t be the only iteration of the squadron featured over the years. In fact, multiple variations of the team have made their way onto the page, often from completely different realities. Their roster may change a bit each time, but more importantly for their MCU future, their goals have been tainted in more recent interpretations.

The lineup

Often residing at Rocket Central in Squadron City, the team consists of seven founding members who are usually associated with the Squadron in most variations. Provides an aquatic angle for the water-based amphibian team. Doctor Spectrum is a cosmic hero who channels the abilities of the Power Prism. Hyperion, often classified as the leader of the group, is a force of nature and usually overwhelming An eternal one. Nighthawk is a human vigilante with streak-level skills, while Power Princess is a utopian warrior with infinite potential. Skrullian Skymaster is a shape-shifting Skrull with more advanced abilities, and Whizzer is the speedster of the group.

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There are certainly parallels to be made between those creations and some prominent figures in the traditional Marvel universe, but for those paying attention, there are more absurd connections to be made.