How NVIDIA Advanced Optimus Makes Laptop Gaming Better Than Ever

How does Advanced Optimus work?

When it comes to Advanced Optimus, there are a lot of moving parts, Sharma explains, as it requires different panel manufacturers, chip manufacturers, OEM developers and laptop designers to all work together. “A lot of players have to dance together to the music to make this work,” he says.


To start with the basics, your gaming laptop comes with two GPUs: a basic unit, which has a built-in processor for low-power tasks like editing spreadsheets (an integrated graphics processor, iGPU), and a high-powered one for heavy workloads, such as pushing high frame rates. Fortnite, discrete GPU, or dGPU In short. A DGPU is overkill for simple tasks like email and spreadsheets, and running a DGPU for light workloads will drain your battery for no reason because no one cares about frame rate when you’re just checking email.

Now, in the bad old days of gaming laptops, you had to physically switch between these two GPUs. Which means you have to reboot if you want to take a break from work the braveAnd you may have had to fiddle with the BIOS settings to make the switch.

This all changed with NVIDIA Optimus, a solution now known as MS Hybrid. NVIDIA found a way to detect whether a computer had a graphically intensive workload, and to automatically switch which GPU was active based on that workload. It was a clever optimization that guaranteed the user better battery life or extra performance.

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But there was a catch with the Optimus: the iGPU was usually hardwired to the laptop panel. This meant that an extra step was required to get the image onto the screen when rendering frames on the dGPU. This extra step comes with some time and computing costs.

While Optimus was still an improvement over manually rebooting to switch GPUs, the extra step increased latency and reduced framerate. In competitive sports like Fortnite And the brave, latency and framerate can be the difference between winning and losing a match. ,