How The Search for Spock and First Contact Influenced Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3

So, what about the influence of the track?


One obvious one is Brad Boemler (Jack Quaid) working at his family-owned vineyard, wearing an outfit that could have come straight from Rene Picard’s closet. Oh, and he doesn’t make wine with those grapes, folks. No, the Boemler family knows that behind every good grape, there is a raisins waiting for birth Humorous touches like this resonate with him The next generation Style moments that strengthen the feelings of family and friendship.

Lower Dex is about friendship,” says McMahon. “But we really wanted to do it Star Trek III mixed with First contact And the whole idea of ​​seeing the earth when you come back to it.

This First contact And Star Trek III: The Search for Spock The elements are definitely present. For example, Baumler carries a Type-III phaser rifle—the same arsenal we saw. First contactWhile the hat worn by Tandy recalls the hat worn by Zefram Cochrane in the film.

“I love Jonathan Frakes and First contact is my favorite Star Trek film,” says McMahon.

We see a change in the character of Beckett Mariner (Tony Newsom) in this episode. She is still full of anger and enjoys breaking things but she has a certain sense of family protection in this episode with her frustration and anger as she has to watch her mother being led away in handcuffs to await trial for the crime that everyone knows she committed. . Not committed.

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