How To Keep Pakoras Crispy For Long – 5 Tips To Follow

If there’s one thing we Indians simply can’t do without – it’s pakora. Whether you want something thick or delicious looking for a snack to pair with an evening cup of tea or coffee – a full plate CALIMISTRATE and hot pakoras always come to our rescue! Do you not agree? These deep-fried fritters are prepared using different ingredients and do not take much time to cook. While they are easy, staying on track can be quite a challenge. And who wants to finish the pakoras? Therefore, if you want to enjoy its goodness for a long time, here we have some tips that you can follow;

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Here are 5 Tips to Make Crispy Pakoras Long Lasting-

1.Add Rice Flour

Pakoras are usually made using pounded gram flour. But try adding rice flour to the batter the next time you plan to make them. Rice flour helps make the pakoras crispy so that they don’t absorb as much oil as gram flour.

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2.Use cold water

The next step is to use cold water to prepare the ram. When the batter cools, it doesn’t absorb too much oil. PS- make sure you don’t add too much water as this could spoil your pakoras.

If you use a slave to make a ram, don’t move more. By doing this, the pulse becomes stretched and leads to the formation of glue. This would make the pakoras absorb a lot of oil and you would end up with mushy pakoras.

4.Use a heavy bottom Kadhai

Using the right type of utensil also plays a big role in how crispy you want your pakoras to be. Fry them in a heavy bottom pan or kadhai, this helps them maintain the right temperature. Also cook them in an air fryer.


5.Keep them on the wire rack

After the pakoras are toasted I usually transfer them to a paper towel. But this sogger does, as the steam collects under them. The best way to keep them fresh longer is to transfer them to a wire rack.

So the next time you make pakoras at home, keep these tips in mind!

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