Icelandic airline Atlanta’s Boeing 747 engine part lands after takeoff in Belgium | Aviation News

An unexpected accident occurred on September 8 in Varemy, near Liege, Belgium, when an engine part of a Boeing 747 exploded and fell onto the roof of a house. A Boeing 747-400F (TF-AMC) with flight number CC320 was operating from Liege Airport in Belgium to Malta Luka Airport on behalf of the Icelandic airline Airlanta, but soon something unexpected happened. Shortly after takeoff, the aircraft lost the AFT’s bonnet for one of the engines. As a result, the engine fell on the roof of the garage of a house before falling into the garden making a loud noise in the area, causing everyone in the vicinity to be dumbfounded. At first, people thought it was a thunderstorm, but later when they found out, it was nothing short of shocking, according to a Dutch news organization.


The plane continued its journey to its destination in Malta without any further failure in the flight. All passengers on board were safe and unharmed. Later, the engine parts that fell in the park were replaced by local firefighters and handed over to airport officials for further investigation.

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This was apparently the first time such an accident had occurred where an aircraft engine had fallen into mid-air.