In 2022, is Kurt Caz still missing? Where is He Right Now? Is He Dead?

In 2022, is Kurt Kaz still missing? where is he now? Is he dead?

South African travel vlogger Kurt Kaz has become famous on social media. His YouTube account is where he shares his travel magazines. He oversees the popular YouTube channel of the same name which has over a million subscribers.

Kurt Caz is well known for vlogging his journey on his YouTube account. Due to his viral hits like “Avoid This Naughty Street In Medellin!” and “Venezuelan Girl Takes Me Into Her Hood, Petare,” Kurtz is quickly gaining fame on YouTube.

Each of his videos has amassed millions of views within a few months of being uploaded. But after a short hiatus from YouTube, people are worried that it will be gone again. Let’s investigate.

Kurt Kaz

Kurt Kaz

In 2022, is Kurt Kaz still missing?

Kurt Kaz has not disappeared. He sent his YouTube fans new content five days ago. The video that was released was titled ‘Caught by the Secret Service in Caracas, Venezuela’.

His inspiration for creating travel vlogs in general came from Caz’s first trip. Together with his father and brother, he made his first trip to South Africa. He had a great time on vacation and wanted to go on extra trips.

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He had the impulse to start shooting travel videos by the bald and poor Harald Balder. When Kurt saw their videos, he wanted to imitate them. He is currently touring in several cities across Europe.

As the travel costs are greatly reduced, it can create a good business while traveling to neighboring countries on a tight budget. Then he made the decision to try out the trip vlog, and he was lucky that it was a success.

He started his YouTube channel on March 13, 2016. He started making travel videos before being inspired by Harald Balder. But none of these videos lived up to expectations.

He resumed video production in September 2019. While in Europe, he published some films before returning to South Africa. One day he decided to spend all his savings and go to Egypt, and this decision changed his life forever. While in Egypt, he made several video recordings.

Where is Kurtz Kaz today?

As he crossed the globe, Curtis Casa informed his followers of his whereabouts by posting a video on YouTube. When the previous loading was done, it was in Venezuela.

His channel has grown almost ten times in that time, reaching 100,000 subscribers in March 2021. He has at least 1.11 million subscribers at the moment.

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After his videos while on vacation in Europe became popular, he started building a huge fan base for himself. His entire Egyptian series attracted millions of views and a large number of subscribers.

Casa net worth is 200,000 (estimated). His main source of income is YouTube. He is a full time YouTuber and is making a solid career by uploading videos to the website.

His channel attracts between 5 and 10 million views every month. According to our estimates, it brings in $12,000 per month through ads. He may raise his income by working with brands.

However, he rarely promotes any brand on his channel. In addition, he earns some additional income. Through the Patreon account, his fans make contributions to him. Subscribers also get additional things in return.

His current monthly earnings from this site are between $500 and $1,000. On his Instagram profile, he uploads shortened versions of his YouTube videos. Since they get a few million views every month, his movies are doing well on social media.

Kurt Kaz: Is he dead?

Kurt Kaz is still alive. Instead, after being away for about a month, he’s back on YouTube. His most popular video, Inside The Dominican Republic’s Most Dangerous Hood, has garnered over 10 million views.

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Kurt Kaz was born and raised by his parents in the small town of Plettenberg. He has yet to provide any information about his parents, including their names.

He wants to protect the privacy of his personal information. But we know he has a brother. In addition to this, both his father and brother have appeared in previous times on YouTube.

He is not married and not single. In addition, he believes that having a girlfriend is a bad thing. He is a single man who travels to different countries. Currently, his focus is largely on setting up his social media company. However, he may have been in a relationship once.