Indigo employee error sparked a security panic at Bhopal Airport; This is what happened | Aviation News

An Indigo employee’s mistake of “heavy” for “explosion” caused a security panic at Raja Baug International Airport here, officials said Friday, prompting officials to issue an alert. It should be noted that heaviness is the term used to describe the weight added to aircraft prior to takeoff. This term is commonly used in the aviation industry.

Airport officials said the accident occurred Thursday morning. In a statement, the airport authorities said- “At 0925 hours, the Indigo ticket office received a call to inquire about the counterweight of flight 6E-7931 bound for Agra, which was misunderstood by the Indigo crew as an explosion. He was called, and after analyzing the facts announced that The call is not specified.

Acting Airport Director Amrit Meng said that with the announcement of the state of emergency at the airport, all security systems were activated. “Unfortunately, a fast-moving vehicle was passing through the tire vents when the tire killer’s emergency switch was activated and locked the vehicle.”

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“The airport administration regrets the inconvenience and damage caused by this unfortunate incident,” he said. Ballast, meaning extra weight, is a term used by airlines to add payload to an aircraft in the event that there is not enough passenger payload in flight to maintain balance in the air.

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An airport employee said Friday that since a female employee recently joined, she was unable to distinguish between the terms “heavy” and “burst,” which led to confusion. He said the call came from Gurgaon. “Although the term ballast is widely used in aviation and railways, it is difficult for the common man or the more modern to understand the difference between the two,” he said.

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