Interview- Sadia Khatib wants her real brother to learn these qualities from Akshay Kumar

Saadia Khatib emerges as the most caring and ideal sister in Aanand L Rai’s Raksha Bandhan. A one-time-great actor Akshay Kumar’s Lala Kedarnath has four sisters in the movie. However, he claims to be more grave in real life, unlike his role in Raksha Bandhan. He also wants his brother to know a thing or two from disturbing his brother Akshay Kumar. Read also; Raksha Bandhan’s Deepika Khanna in ‘Double Decker’ line- ‘Autowalas, I ask strangers to lose weight’


In an interview with Hindustan Times, Saadia talked about the film, its spread across the country and the many gifts Akshay gave her. He also shared his thoughts on the poor box office performance of the film. Part-

What is the best honor you received on Raksha Bandhan?

I get so many words for this Raksha Bandhan And each one says from his heart. All these compliments mean the world to me. But the best honor must certainly come from my family, especially my sister. She didn’t say anything but when she went to watch the movie she was wearing a pink top, makeup and kajal. As soon as she came out, her pink top was all black and there was no makeup on her face. All the kajal on her neck was crying openly. She was so happy then that she was crying. My parents were also very happy, it was my father who inspired me to this decision. Only after I thanked him…

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