Jschlatt: Who Is He? What Happened To Him? Fans Reacts Over His Fake Death News, Where Is The Youtuber Now?

Jschlatt: Who is he? What happened to him? Fans react to the news of his fake death, where is YouTube now?

The rumor that Twitch Streamer character Jschlatt recently passed away has been spreading like wildfire recently. These types of posts are widespread across social media, leading to widespread confusion among users about Twitch Streamer.

Several sources have come to the conclusion that the account of Jschlatt’s death was a fabrication. This was due to the fact that no official information or official publication regarding Jschlatt’s death could be found on the Internet. Jschlatt’s social media pages were also checked for signs of activity to determine if he was still alive.

Information about his death is trending on social media platforms like Twitter and has taken full control of the internet. The confirmation of his death shocked those who followed him, but the claim appears to be another deception.



Is Jschlatt dead or alive in 2022?

Because there is no official report or publication detailing Jschlatt’s death, several investigations into the material’s credibility have come to the conclusion that Jschlatt’s death was fake. This led to the conclusion that Jschlatt’s death was a hoax. In addition, Jschlatt’s social media profiles were investigated to see if there was any recent activity that might indicate that he is still alive.

A tweet he made not so long ago on Twitter gives the impression that he is still active and doing well. It was not clear to us why his fans were concerned about his posthumous death. His Twitter account is @jschlatt, and you can find it there. He has more than 2.8 million followers on the platform and contributed more than 9 thousand tweets there.

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Jschlatt uses the fake Schlatt to stream video games on Twitch. Users were puzzled by the persistent rumors about his death as well as his activity on social media; However, it was later shown that it is healthy and works well.

What exactly happened with Jschlatt?

It’s been eight days since Jschlatt uploaded the latest video to his YouTube channel. As a direct result of this, concerns about the well-being of the YouTuber have been highlighted. Plus, he wasn’t streaming on Twitch, which made things even more difficult for his fans.

Jschlatt chose to focus solely on his YouTube channel rather than continuing his education. During his time attending computer technology and cybersecurity classes, he worked part-time at a neighborhood deli.

You may find it on YouTube under the username jschlatLive. The total number of active subscribers of this particular channel is 3.24 million and it has been viewed 317.5 million times till this moment. On Thursday, April 14, 2019, the platform went live.

Jschlatt gave up his college studies to focus solely on his YouTube channel. In addition to attending classes in computer technology and cybersecurity, he has also worked part-time at a restaurant located nearby.

On YouTube, you may find it under the username jschlatLive. There are currently 3.24 million subscribers to this channel, and its content has been viewed 317.5 million times. On April 14, 2019, he used the platform for the first time.

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Jschlatt’s real name, plus a brief biography

Jschlatt will turn 22 years old in 2022; Born on September 10, 1999. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, and spent his childhood there before moving to Austin, Texas, in 2021.

He’s a well-known streamer on both Twitch and YouTube, and he’s amassed a huge audience. He is a US citizen and has in the past uploaded movies to YouTube covering topics such as Skylines and Minecraft Cities: Wii.

In addition, Jschlatt has served as a member of SMPLive for CallMeCarson in the past. The news of his death spread like wildfire across social media a few days ago. On the other hand, Twitch Streamer has taken to Twitter to refute each and every one of the claims, showing that they are untrue. The Twitch streamer also posted a picture of him on his Instagram account on April 3, 2022.



Geschlat age, date of birth and place of birth.

Jschlatt was born in New York State on September 10, 1999, and grew up in the same location. On the Internet, he never disclosed any information about his relatives under any circumstances.

Jschlatt Girlfriend, Wife & Affairs

Jschlatt has never been married before and is currently not in a committed relationship with anyone. He is not currently dating anyone, and he has never revealed any details regarding his past or current romantic relationships. Soon we will give him an update here on this page whenever he discusses his relationship in any capacity on social media.

Jschlatt: A look at his life and career

He is well known on both Twitch and YouTube for his streaming capabilities. On July 7, 2013, he started creating his YouTube channel. His first video, uploaded under the title “Good Boy Eating Food,” has received 1.1 million views as of this writing. The video with the most views so far is titled “elon ru ok”, and it has racked up 26 million views as of the beginning of 2022. After his success on YouTube, he started streaming video games on Twitch. Jschlatt’s Twitch account was previously used to broadcast live Minecraft games. At first, he would hide his face and flow with a humorous effect on his voice. Nor did he reveal his face. In addition to the channel used by YouTube itself, there are a large number of other popular channels on the site. After his rapid rise to fame on YouTube and other social media platforms, Jschlatt launched his own line of merchandising, which he now offers for sale on his personal website.

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YouTube channel

She has four Youtube channels and millions of these channels have subscribers. You can check out the list of these channels below.

youtube channel name number of subscribers
jschlatt 1.1 pm
jschlattLIVE 3.1 pm
big boy 948 K

Twitter account

He joined Twitter in January 2016 and now has 2.8 million followers by early 2022. His account username is jschlatt.

Instagram account

His Instagram username is jschlatt and now he has around 2 million followers. He mostly uploads his own personal photos.

Some facts about Jschlatt

  • He is an animal lover and has a cat.
  • jschlatt previously claimed to be “Logan from Big Time Rush”; reveal in his face.
  • He is a member of the gaming organization One True King.

Education and religion details

According to several online reports, Jschlatt studied computer science and cyber security and also stated that he taught at Harvard University for four years.

education Graduation
School name A private school in New York
College Name Harvard
religion Christian

Biography, information and wiki of JsChlatt:

Noun Jschlatt
real name Jonathan Schlatt
sex Mention
age 22 years
birthday September 10, 1999
place of birth New York
hometown New York
Girlfriend unknown
wife Unmarried
profession Youtube
hobbies the games
nationality American

Physical information:

to rise 6’3″
Weight 75 kg
body type (approx.) moderate build
hair colour brouwn
eye color brouwn
skin colour Exhibition