Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 195 Release Date Spoiler Alert Time and Schedule

The conclusion of Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 194 shows the appearance of two unidentified men who seem to be holding a “katana” and a “sumo” as the best martial weapons, respectively. Fans thought that the two individuals from Sakurajima Colony were the two new Kalinga Games contestants. This theory is supported by the raw scans for Chapter 195, which also presents some intriguing data. The infamous Toji Zenin also appears in one of the pages of chapter 195 of the manga, much to the delight of jujutsu kaisen aficionados. We will see more about it in the article below.


Let us tell you that the RARE scans for the next chapter appeared in a random order, so that it is difficult to achieve the correct order of events. Although not much has been revealed through the scan, it is said to contain flashbacks that somewhat explain the backstories of two of Kaling’s new players and establish a coherent framework for the chapter. It goes on to show the spoilers in the next chapter the katana-man’s name as Daidou Hagane from Sakurajima Colony, Kagoshima.

The title page of chapter 195 opens with Daidou bewildered by the paucity of swords in modern Japan. It is later revealed that Mio is insane and cannot find anyone willing to compete with him in a sumo duel. Hearing a sound I take a match from the house next door, my sneaps through the window.

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